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network earth
Cloud Resilience & High Availability Benchmarks for Azure Availability Zones

Learn more about Azure availability zones, its performance impact and how it can help you build high availability applications and reduce cost more...

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Activeeon Training

Learn how to use ProActive Workflows & Scheduling and Machine Learning Open Studio (MLOS) in 5 training sessions more...

[MetaGenoPolis] Microbiome analytics orchestration

Our microbiota is a key actor between food and our body and a major actor in well-being, health and desease more...

business processes and cloud applications
Workload automation and job scheduling for hybrid cloud

While adopting a cloud strategy, businesses need a solution to help them build a workflow to run business applications in the cloud, often along with existing on-premise infrastructure... more...

Workload Automation for Banks and Insurances
Workload Automation for Banks and Insurances

Embrace new regulations to leverage solutions to automate and scale more...

PEPS Satellite Photo by CNES
[CNES] Satellite imagery processing at scale with cloud bursting elasticity

CNES works with Activeeon on Sentinel satellite imagery analysis as part of PEPS (Plateforme d’exploitation des produits Sentinel) project. PEPS platform is part of PEPS aims to provide external users, in SaaS mode, the access to satellite imagery data, for research, education, agronomy or commercial use. more...


Legal and General - Solvency II
[Legal and General] Solvency II Simulations on Microsoft Azure

Now, thanks to ProActive and additional optimizations we made along the way with Azure, the batch time which previously was taking us 18 hours, is now down to 5 hours more...

Home Office Background
[UK Home Office] Back-end orchestration for the UK Visa plateform

Orchestrate third party application and schedule large jobs over 7 environments. more...


Big Compute made simple
Big compute made simple

Orchestration tools become more and more relevant to connect services, applications, multiple databases, compute over multi-clouds, custom analytics, automate and control processes. more...

Big data landscape
Big data landscape

In this white paper, we will introduce the state of the art of big data processing: from parallel processing with the two main types of parallelisms, to several famous big data processing platforms such as Hadoop, Spark and YARN, and some Stream processing platforms like Spark Streaming, S4, Storm, Flink, etc. more...

Big data orchestration
Big data orchestration

While the Big Data ecosystem is becoming more and more complex through additional storage tools, analytical tools, BI tools, etc., a stronger need for a comprehensive orchestrator is emerging. more...

Workload management on hybrid and multi clouds
Workload management on hybrid and multi clouds

Workload management in the context of hybrid clouds brings an innovative and flexible solution that this whitepaper aims to clarify more...

SAP Connector
SAP Connector

Integrate your automation system with SAP ECC using ProActive and JCO. more...

ProActive Workflow & Scheduling
ProActive Workflows & Scheduling

Reduce execution time and infrastructure costs with IT automation workflows more...

Analytics for Power Networks
Analytics for Power Networks

Leverage Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana (ELK) to analyse the data from a large dataset. User Activeeon to automate the setup of the infrastructure and perform transformations and calculations at scale. more...

A datacenter
Big Compute by Activeeon & Microsoft Azure

In the fields of research and education, supercomputing is becoming increasingly important. Find out how Big Compute has been adopted by our customers. more...