SaaS delivery

Job Scheduling and Machine Learning in SaaS mode

Workflows & Scheduling and Machine Learning platform both available in SaaS mode

The SaaS platform provided by Activeeon is a dedicated platform, where only your company has access, with a complete highly secured isolation of it. You only have to define your automation chains using as a basis a provided Catalog of about 1 000 Connectors, Calendars and job examples in all languages. You run your orchestration jobs or Machine Learning pipelines, and Activeeon maintains the platform for you with high resilience and high availability.

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling ProActive AI Orchestration

Choose the best configuration

ProActive serverless-like architecture
  • You select the configuration and the monthly plan that best suits your company needs.

  • You choose the platform where you want to host the solution (Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, OVH, other public clouds, or even your own private cloud).

  • You chose the options and parameters that fit your specifications (access control, High Availability, notifications, connection to your directory service like LDAP or AD, security configuration, database instance, working nodes, calendars you need, housekeeping frequency, etc.).

  • Activeeon sets up the platform for you, including the security and network configuration, which allows you to manage all kinds of nodes, including hybrid cloud with secured connection between your on-premises IT and clouds.

Then, Activeeon hands over to you the SaaS platform with the appropriate credentials.