[MetaGenoPolis] Microbiome analytics orchestration

Machine learning & Activeeon orchestration on-premise and on-clouds

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About MetaGenoPolis

MetaGenoPolis (MGP) is an INRAE center expert in gut microbiome research applied to health and nutrition in human and animal. In collaboration with industry, academia and clinics, MGP conceives and implements projects tailored to the partner’s need. ISO 9001 certified, the protocols and procedures implemented are constantly kept at the cutting edge of technology. MGP proposes quantitative and functional metagenomic to explore the link between microbiome, nutrition and health. We offer end-to-end microbiome analysis services, including customized recommendation on sample collection, samples biobanking, DNA extraction, library preparation, shotgun sequencing, quantitative and functional metagenomics, bioinformatics, statistical analysis and data interpretation.

Accurate profiling with high resolution microbiome analysis

Big Data and IT architecture for data analytics

Integrated metagenomic pipeline with exhaustive microbiome analysis at strain level:

  • Compliance, conservation and quality of samples over time
  • Automatized and reproducible DNA extraction with the International Human Microbiome Standards (IHMS)
  • Whole genome sequencing (quality, depth, speed)
  • Big data access and security
  • Big data analytics with integration of multi-OMICS data

Bioinformaticians from MetaGenoPolis bring artificial intelligence in microbiome allowing to use it, for instance, as diagnostic tool in liver cirrhosis, or in micobiota-based obesity prediction modeling.

Million Microbiome of Humans Project (MMHP)

MetaGenoPolis aims to expand microbiome knowledge worldwide. In October 2019, Million Microbiome of Humans Project was launched at the 14th International Conference on Genomics. The main objectives of the project are:

  • analyse 1 million microbial samples from intestines, mouth, skin, reproductive tract…
  • draw a microbiome map of the human body
  • build the worlds largest database of human microbiome representing a solid data foundation for microbiome research
  • explore the potential of the microbiome to help people live better lives

MetaGenoPolis participates to the MMHP project bringing 100000 french gut metagenomes.

Quantitative Metagenomic workflow deployed throughout Activeeon ProActive

ProActive from Activeeon helps MetaGenoPolis to distribute workloads in a dynamic and elastic resource pool (cloud bursting) using multi-language workflows. ProActive Workflows & Scheduling offers rich visualization through various portals:

  • Automation Dashboard
  • AI Studio & Data Connectors
  • Job Analytics
  • Gantt visualization

ProActive offers user-defined GUI services, such as Tensorboard, as well as Python and Jupyter integration.

To view the use case and the metagenomic pipeline workflow, download the full case study presentation.

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