Benefits of Migrating from Jams Scheduler to ActiveEon Orchestrator

Creos Use case

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About Creos Luxembourg

Creos Luxembourg S.A. (part of the ENCEVO group) manages the delivery of electricity and natural gas networks in Luxembourg. The utilities networks managed by Creos include more than 10,000 km of power lines and around 2,100 km of natural gas pipes, as well as more than 290,000 electricity customers and some 48,000 customers connected to natural gas. Creos also manages and monitors meters, process customer consumption data. The Encevo group employs more than 2,000 people and is present in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

From limited scheduler to full orchestrator

The Activeeon ProActive Workflows & Scheduling solution was selected by the IT department at CREOS as part of its call for tenders for an IT workflow scheduling and orchestration solution. The CREOS IT team wanted to develop the scheduling of its workflows by implementing a complete IT orchestration solution in place of the JAMS scheduling solution, already used within the organization to perform simple tasks and files transfer .

With the replacement of the Help Systems’ Jams Scheduler by the Activeeon’s ProActive Workflows & Scheduling solution, the CREOS IT department is now able to manage centrally and extensively all new and existing technologies used by the group. The ProActive Workflows & Scheduling orchestrator is used by CREOS for the automation of a wide variety of IT tasks such as restarting business applications, performing backups, deploying windows servers, retrieving information and maintaining third-party software, meta-scheduling, control resources and many more.

“Following a global tender, Creos selected Activeeon to provide a scheduling solution, automation and orchestration for our IT technical workflows. We particularly valued the ProActive scheduler for the ease to use and modernity of the user interface, the sophistication of the workflows (multi-languages, dynamic control structures, contextual variables, catalog of templates) and the support of multi-environments (Windows, Linux, cloud instances, docker, etc.)”

Operating engineer, CREOS


Increase productivity and efficiency: automate recurring and repetitive tasks

complex workloads

Allow teams (system admins, data engineers, IT operators) to focus on their business and on the management of value-added tasks

cloud computing

Centralize the IT system around a single orchestrator

user profiles

Benefit from highly qualified and very responsive technical support for the integration of the orchestrator into the existing IT architecture

A highly available solution

CREOS also selected Activeeon solution for its advanced capabilities for “high availability” solution and great workflow flexibility. The latter enable in particular to reuse the same tasks within several types of workflows. The present ProActive Workflows & Scheduling solution orchestrates, among other things, the restart and maintenance of servers and services, coordinates and integrates information coming from diverse third-party services, and sending summary emails. Very soon, the solution will manage more than 1M of file transfers, 50,000 SAP jobs, and 250 scheduled and automated jobs per day, based on 800 servers.

Workflows’ Usability and Flexibility

Thanks to its great usability, the Activeeon’s ProActive Workflows & Scheduling solution, enabled developers to focus on their business by speeding up the development of workflows and script improvements. For example, a single change in a ProActive workflow was enough to positively impact a large part of the IT management, while with the former Help Systems solution, this change would have required an additional duplication of 40 jobs. Because the ProActive Workflows & Scheduling solution offers a wide range of functions and flexibility, it enables Creos IT department to better centralize the orchestrations of all various cloud services and on-premise platforms.

“When deploying the solution, we also appreciated the professionalism, competence and responsiveness of the support provided by Activeeon, as well as its ability to understand our issues and provide them with solutions. Their ability to send highly qualified engineers directly to us to develop the solution themselves is extremely appreciated”

Operating engineer, CREOS

Professional Services and training

Users of the ProActive Workflows & Scheduling scheduler at Creos were able to benefit from several training sessions (on site and remotely) in orchestration & scheduling by Activeeon team of experts. The training covered different themes such as technical administration, access rights, platform troubleshooting, creation of workflows, reporting and many other aspects.

Download the case study below to learn more about the orchestration architecture of IT and Creos services by Activeeon.

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