[UK Home Office] Back-end orchestration for the UK Visa platform

Orchestrate third party application and schedule large jobs over 7 environments

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Home Office needs for Visa Applications

To issue an entry visa to foreigners is no longer a matter of paper forms. The United Kingdom Home Office is updating the process to accomodate with the growing migrant flows and with many rules, including « digital first ».

The process to check the profile of an individual is quite complex since multiple database store information. Moreover, some of them are behind firewalls and some others are very secured and cannot leave specific environments.

workflow orchestration home office

The Home Office also requested an advanced error management system where errors could be contained, analysed and fixed.


The solution finally implemented at the Home Office is a complete system with 7 environments from dev to prod to ensure complete testing of all the workflows.

Activeeon is used to pilot and orchestrate mutlitple scripts and applications such as Talend which is used to perform ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) operations.

The final solution is able to handle 100,000 tasks per day in a fault tolerant way. Indeed, multiple options are available upon task failure such as kill the job, pause the job, pause the dependent tasks or simply ignore. The operators are then able to restart the job where it stopped and recover without complex maitenance.

architecture for home office visa application

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