Why is Activeeon better, faster & stronger?

The New Generation of Workload Automation and Service Orchestration

“Use investment in Service Orchestration & Automation Platforms as an opportunity to drive digital innovation and business agility, thus treating automation as a critical lever for infrastructure-led disruption”

Gartner, Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms (2020)

In April 2020, Gartner officially recognized Activeeon as a key market player in this Market Guide.

Next-generation workload automation

Digital Transformation disrupts IT infrastructures and traditional workload automation (WLA) tools which are no longer able to address business requirements due to the complexity of cloud-native infrastructures, big data workloads, ML/IA pipelines…

This is why Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms (SOAPs) have emerged. ProActive Workflows & Scheduling (PWS) is a SOAP platform for automating, orchestrating and scaling all types of applications, workloads and data pipelines, regardless of their complexity.

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Faster results:

“Thanks to ProActive and additional optimizations we made along the way with Azure, the batch time which previously was taking us 18 hours, is now down to 5 hours, and by the end of the year, my hope and expectation is to go definitely below 4 hours and possibly less by having more grid hosts and more capacity.”

Guido Imperiale
Lead integration engineer, Legal and General

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Modern workload automation challenges

Our customers face many challenges on a daily basis due to the complexity of their IT infrastructure. Here are some examples:

  • Optimize the capabilities of a multi-cloud infrastructure to achieve the target performance of migrated applications
  • Maintain the performance of critical processes that degrade as the number of integrated applications raises: ERP, ETL, BI, etc.
  • Move ML algorithms into production and successfully exploit them there
  • Keep data platforms running smoothly out of the lab and scale in production
  • Reduce the cost of high-performance computations, heavy simulations
  • Manage thousands of servers and processes with one part-time IT operator

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machine learning model deployment pipeline


Scalabilty & performance - >1000 CPU

complex workloads

Data & Processes - Big Data & AI - Complex workloads

cloud computing

Cloud native - Hybrid & cloud migration

user profiles

Addresses all users: IT, business, data scientists

business logic

Business sensitive - Mission critical applications

Large-scale IT system automation

Highly recommended by Gartner, automation of IT systems enables CIOs to master increasingly varied and complex workloads faster, reducing IT costs and coping with talent shortages.

EMA, an equally renowned automation research firm, considers that “the gap between companies with high and low levels of automation is a competitive advantage”. Previously deployed on an ad hoc basis, it is now considered by the majority of managers as a strategic project to increase the company’s performance.

Best solution:

“Activeeon won a CREOS call for tenders at the end of 2019 for a scheduling solution for IT technical workflows. There were initially 8 international competitors. We particularly appreciated the user-friendliness and modernity of the user interfaces, the expressiveness of the workflows and multi-environment support. We appreciated the professionalism, competence and responsiveness of Activeeon, and their ability to understand our problems and provide us with very effective solutions.”

Operating engineer, CREOS

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Efficiency proven by customer cases

Four years of intensive R&D have allowed Activeeon to combine the most modern and efficient digital technologies in order to obtain the most advantageous, efficient and fastest solution on the market, capable of handling the most complex automation on a very large scale.

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Stronger capabilities:

“ProActive Workflows & Scheduling is the only solution capable to Schedule any Big Data Analytics, mono-threaded, multi-threaded, multi-core, parallel and distributed.”

CapGemini Lead Engineer for Home Office

You want to boost the automation of your IT system, Analytics, Big Data & AI?

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