Big compute made simple

Bridge the gap between business line needs and automation engines through multi-cloud orchestration

resource-based scheduling

Whitepaper - 2018

Digital Transformation generates the need for enterprises to integrate IT and break silos. Hence, orchestration tools become more and more relevant to connect services, applications, multiple databases, compute over multi-clouds, custom analytics, automate and control processes. Indeed, most industry solutions focus only on one of those aspects. Additional resources will be spent to bridge the gap and reliably connect them to existing systems. For orchestration tools building a multi-cloud solution ecosystem platform is the way moving forward.

This leaves an opportunity for ISVs to combine those concepts and provide better service. Although this mixed solution adds complexity, it also leverages the full potential of available compute, services and data source that can be used to build value.

To answer the current challenges from the evolving resource ecosystem, a few questions are raised: How to support any resource strategy? How can I leverage cloud services and avoid lock-in? How to ensure consistent execution? How to scale?

Moreover, to ensure a wider adoption while keeping control, additional interrogations must be answered: How to reliably connect third-party solutions to build long-term value? How to reduce the learning curve? How to provide a scalable solution to business line users? How to connect to various and heterogeneous data sources? How to enforce RBAC to a large audience?

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