Workload management on hybrid and multi clouds

An innovative and flexible solution
in the new context of hybrid and multi clouds.

Workload management in the context of hybrid clouds brings an innovative and flexible solution that this whitepaper aims to clarify.

In our current world, where data is growing exponentially, processing and analyzing it becomes a challenge. Designing the right datacenter on-premises seems difficult with questions like: “What is the right size of my new servers?”, “What is the expected usage?”, and “How can I optimize its utilization?”. A hybrid solution turns out to be the ideal answer where extra resources are taken when necessary.

However, this solution adds complexity to your infrastructure. You gain flexibility and are more dynamic but you raise new questions: “Where should I launch this job?”, “How can I automatically scale up and scale down?”, “Do I have to develop different workflows for each environment?”. This paper explores the technical, operational, portability, and economic challenges around workload management that you would have to address when considering hybrid cloud solutions.

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Learn how workload management becomes critical in hybrid and multi-clouds environments