IT Processes Automation

Automate IT processes and applications to build a solid base for growth

Accessible Automation on Next Gen Infrastructures

Enable advanced automation on multi-cloud environments to build a strong base for growth. User-friendly interface to build complex workflows and match business line needs.

Validated ProActive Workflow

Every business relies on automation to build strong foundations and setup the basis for new projects. With Activeeon solution, users are able to quickly build workflow that support their activities. It also includes an execution manager that fetch logs, manage errors, priorities, etc. to ensure a reliable execution.

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User-friendly studio interface

Designed with the end-user in mind, the studio has been built to focus on the business needs and reduce the need of training.

  • Expressive workflows with clear dependencies
  • Error management policies built-in
  • Docker container support for simple migration and consistency
  • Controls for advanced needs such as replication, loops, conditions
  • A catalogue for maximum reusability
  • All the code can be edited
ProActive Workflow Studio Screenshot
Multiple languages supported

Support multiple languages

Activeeon ProActive supports several shell scripts as Bash, Windows Cmd, Powershell and programming languages as Ruby, JavaScript, Groovy, etc. for more advanced tasks. Languages for analytics and data transformation such as R and Python are also supported.

Resource aware

ProActive includes a Resource Manager that enables IT to have a comprehensive view on all the resource available. This improves management and control over them from a single pane solution.

From this complete view of resources, the solution includes a selection script feature to target specific resources. For instance, it is possible to assign a task to a specific host by specifying its IP address.

Resource aware solution
Open solution with Rest API and CLI

Open solution

Activeeon ProActive is completely open. All the features can be accessed through the web portals, the CLI or the Rest API. The role of a scheduler and orchestrator are central for an organization. This openness enables complete integration with existing system and ensures maximum value is created.

Production tool

Designed to run in production, each workflow includes a policy in case of error that is used by the scheduler to contain errors.

As an admin, the solution is automatically fetching execution logs, includes a priority system, etc. that enables full control.

ProActive Workflow Scheduler Screenshot