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Automate IT, reduce execution time and infrastructure costs

An Open Platform for IT and Application Automation

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling allows you to easily execute all your company jobs and business applications, monitor activity and quickly access job results. Allowing your IT to scale up and down according to your actual workload, it will ensure the optimal match between disponibilty and cost.

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Key Values

Simple and Flexible

simple and flexible

Take advantage of Proactive intuitive web interfaces to design and execute your workload in any environment, and manage your resources

Federate your Resources

federate your resources

Adapt your infrastructure to your business. Proactive provide strong resources policies to federate multi, hybrid private & public cloud and connect elastic nodes to pay-as-you go

Govern & Monitor

govern and monitor

Schedule, plan, monitor your job with ease. Proactive is a packaging solution to take care of your projects operationnal governance

What for?

Migrate to the cloud

Leverage hybrid and mulit-cloud environments. Connect applications, services and setup complete pipelines for automation and business processes.

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Automate your IT projects

Enable advanced automation on multi-cloud environments to build a strong IT basis required for growth.

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Accelerate Algorithms

Unlock the full capacity of business datacenters, HPC, private clouds and public clouds to accelerate algorithms and applications. With an interface accessble to business line users, enable them to leverage the full compute capacity and accelerate innovation.

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Screenshot ProActive Workflows and Scheduling

Discover Workflows & Scheduling

Workload scheduler (IT Workload Automation) that distributes and orchestrates applications to govern and accelerate their execution. It includes a workflow studio and resource manager.

It is the core of all the solutions provided. more…

Big data automation

Screenshot ProActive Big Data Automation

Orchestration and acceleration of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning frameworks (Hadoop, R, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Spotfire, SAS, Anaconda, Greenplum, etc.) on-prem and all clouds. more…

On-demand PaaS

Screenshot ProActive Cloud Automation

Management and automation of complex and multi-VM applications and services on hybrid and multi-cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc. more…

Translate your business needs into a Proactive Workflow

ProActive Workflow Studio

Proactive Open Studio offers a great user experience to create multi languages workflows, allowing you to interact with any third-part solutions for a faster go to market:

  • Polyglot: Suporting 15+ programming languages
  • Pre-built tasks: send mail, submit job, Kafka
  • Controls: Loop, Replicate
  • Parallel Branches are executed in parallel

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Take control of your resources

Compose your pool of resources to fit your requirements, combine your resources on-prem with multi public cloud resources and apply the policy that benefits the most to your business:

  • Connector with any public cloud providers
  • Control your expenses and pay as-you-go with elastic nodes : Autoscale depending on your workload
  • Seamless serverless
  • Cloud bursting policies
  • Optimise your resources needs: Target a specific resource to run your job (OS, Cloud, CPU, RAM, GP)
Screenshot from ProActive Resource Manager

Packaged solution for operational governance

Screenshot from ProActive workflow scheduler

Decide of your job execution behavior and monitor in real time:

  • Error-handling policies
  • Job priorities: static, dynamic, change in process
  • Event-based scheduling
  • Inclusive or exclusive calendar
  • Node recovery, job fetching

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High-level Business view

With the Automation Dashboard, business users can take part of the scheduler administration

  • High-level business view to run and manage jobs and services
  • Job planner
  • Workflow Catalog

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Screenshot from ProActive automation dashboard and catalog

Orchestrate third party applications - ETL, ERP, BI, etc.

Screenshot from ProActive automation dashboard and catalog

From ETL to BI tools through custom applications, connect all applications together and break silos. Orchestrate the flow of information and load through the different systems.

A few examples:

  • Talend, Informatica
  • SAP
  • Tableau

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Get Started

Hosted Cloud Service

The ProActive solution is quite flexible and can be installed on-prem and in the cloud. It supports hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

Activeeon also offers a completely hosted solution for your needs.

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