Activeeon Training

Learn how to use ProActive Workflows & Scheduling and ProActive AI Orchestration in 5 training sessions

Detailed program & direct video

Session 1: General Overview

Presenters: Fabien Viale, Amine Louati, Mohamed Boussaa

1.1 General Introduction: Features and Architecture
1.2 Workload Automation: Execute ready to be used Workflows & Pipelines
1.3 Catalog
1.4 Job Analytics
1.5 Scheduler Portal: access detailed executions of workflows
1.6 Notification
1.7 Service Automation
1.8 Job Planner
1.9 Studio
1.10 Resource Manager

Session 2: Hands on General Features

Presenter: Fabien Viale

2.1 Workflow Implementation and job execution
2.2 Variables & Results
2.3 Pre / Post / Clean Scripts
2.4 File Transfer
2.5 Control Flow
2.6 Fork Environments
2.7 Docker and Singularity usage
2.8 Meta-scheduling with Slurm

Session 3: AI, ML, DL, AutoML, Visualization, Python SDK, Jupyter Lab & Kernel

Presenters: Andrews Sobral, Khalil Labidi

3.1 ProActive AI Orchestration General Introduction
3.2 Presets & Buckets
3.3 Execution of ML & DL workflows and result visualizations
3.4 Running AI workflows on SLURM
3.5 AutoML: Hyper Parameter Optimization & Job Analytics
3.6 Adding support to Data Visualization with Tensorboard & Visdom
3.7 Deploying an ML model in Production with MaaS (Model as a Service), Data Deviation Detection & Traceability
3.8 Jupyter Lab as a Service, Proactive Python SDK, Proactive Jupyter Kernel

Session 4: Hands on AI, ML, DL, AutoML, Visualization, Python & Jupyter

Presenters: Andrews Sobral, Caroline Pacheco, Khalil Labidi

4.1 Hands-on Advanced AI Workflows and Hyper Parameter Optimization with ProActive AI Orchestration
- Creating a deep learning workflow from scratch using your own code
- Hyper Parameter Optimization with ProActive AI Orchestration (AutoML) & Job Analytics
- Adding support to data visualization with Tensorboard (Google) & Visdom (Facebook Research)
4.2 Hands-on Advanced AI Workflows with Proactive Python SDK and Proactive Jupyter Kernel
- Deploying Jupyter Lab as a Service
- Creating and submitting an AI workflows using the Proactive Python SDK and the Proactive Jupyter Kernel

Session 5: Administration, Security, Installation and Configuration of ProActive

Presenter: Fabien Viale

5.1 ProActive Linux Server Installation
5.2 Network Protocols
5.3 Adding Nodes
5.4 Logs & Data Files
5.5 Managing Users
5.6 Resource Manager Portal
5.7 Scheduler Portal
5.8 Command Line Interface

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