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ActiveEon’s hybrid IT solution enables an enterprise to maintain a centralized approach to IT governance while exploiting the benefits of cloud computing for Workload Automation

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Why choose hybrid IT?

The main goal is to simplify operations and reduce overall costs

A hybrid infrastructure provides the best of both worlds with a combination of on-premise and cloud (public, private) infrastructures.

With a hybrid infrastructure, enterprises have the flexibility of shifting to a partial cloud base while retaining many applications on-site.

Hybrid infrastructure organizations can easily migrate their data and applications, as well as, share applications amongst each other.

With hybrid IT, the IT department can keep on-premises applications with sensitive data, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), inventory and human resources (HR) applications. Additionally, they also have access to cloud services for applications with less-sensitive data such as customer relationship management (CRM), shipping and web applications. Cloud services also allow enterprises to scale operations at little incremental cost. Backup and recovery can occur on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

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Get new efficiencies, build better services, and contain costs

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Message from IT leadership


Gartner’s recommendations

Traditional I&O tools are quickly reaching their limits when tasked with wide business requests

Do not just lift and shift; where possible. Take advantage of changing solution to improve workloads and open your capabilities

I&O leaders need to keep pace with technology innovations to align IT infrastructure with business outcomes

Your goal is to obtain as many benefits as possible. For central IT you can use the cloud on a nonshared infrastructure basis, and for end-users you can take full advantage of PaaS solutions in the market

Automation is a key priority for answering all these new requirement from the business

Stop treating automation in isolation, but rather as an ongoing discipline with proper planning and coordination to drive new business needs

Legacy modernization decisions must be made now, due to rising cost and lack of efficiencies

Starting small is usually recommended, but not as a scattered approach, it should be part of a more structured plan

How to start a successful automation strategy

ActiveEon delivers simple IT automation that ends repetitive tasks and give I&O leaders a quicker way to implement automation to respond to business requests

Benefits of ActiveEon's solution
Set the stage for a smooth future growth trajectory

A defining feature of a hybrid IT system is that it allows workload portability, sharing data and orchestrating applications across multiple environments. Traditional IT will welcome this by progressively moving some workloads to the cloud when needed.

Optimize Workload Resources

Coordinate workloads between connected environments, orchestrate processes across multiple applications, and exercise greater control and governance over IT systems and resources.

Protect the security of your data

Organizations store sensitive financial or customer information on private infrastructure and less sensitive data in the public cloud.

Avoid cloud vendors lock-in

Customers want cloud services but don’t want to be locked into a single cloud environment. Above all, they want choice when it comes to spinning up infrastructure for new applications, or maintaining consistency across their on premises, public cloud and edge environments.

Today’s IT brings complex deployments and challenges. You’ve got to deal with clustered applications, multiple datacenters, public, private, and hybrid clouds. You need a tool that can orchestrate your processes simply and ensure that all tasks happen in the proper order.

Be in charge: with ActiveEon, you are able to quickly launch workloads across multiple environments, connecting data with applications and using the appropriate IT systems.

Features of hybrid IT

Hybrid IT solutions simplified

Whether you are running applications deployed in traditional VMs or leveraging modern container technology, ActiveEon automates infrastructure operations and workload delivery across on-premise, public and private clouds. ActiveEon solutions unify management across the infrastructure, while enabling seamless mobility of processes and data between disparate environments.

Illustration ActiveEon Hybrid IT feautures

One workflow - Any resources

Super-powerful orchestration: use a unique workflow and launch it across any resources. Connect your existing IT applications for a common experience. Eliminate the need to separately develop and maintain different operational and troubleshooting practices for each cloud environment.

ActiveEon hybrid infrastructure workload automation

Keep things simple without retooling

Using a central platform for on-premise, private and public clouds, enabling you to deliver workloads exactly like you do today on-premise. Get access to the benefits of hybrid cloud, and gain the ability to extend, burst, or migrate selected workloads and data into the cloud of your choice.

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Enable end-users to request services simply

Seamless provision of VMs, cloud instances or HPC resources becomes easy and fast for end-users. By simply connecting your favorite ITSM system to the orchestrator - the solution will provision and create the complete secure environment for the users in minutes.

ActiveEon Hybrid IT feautures illustration
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How to implement a powerful IT Orchestration management platform

arrow-rightSecure your hybrid IT

Review existing user access, privileges, and policies, including the controls available for admin accounts. Who has access to what… especially when delivering cloud services. Connect your Active Directory to the IT Orchestration platform and its Role Based Access Control to manage access.

arrow-rightEnable cross-platform compatibility

ActiveEon's solution interconnects your compute resources and after configuring at the beginning the connection parameters, you are then able to combine your compute power into logical groups to abstract the complexity of managing all these moving parts.
Connect Linux & Windows servers, HPC, cloud services, and you will be able to streamline and optimize processes and workflows. In the same vein, configure once access to your favorite containers service (Docker, PodMan, Singularity) and start delivering these service to your team and colleagues.
Additionally, because the service is also a meta-scheduler, you are able to interconnect Kubernetes for your containers or Slurm, and LSF for your HPC.

arrow-rightInterconnect your applications

In all truth, it is likely that ActiveEon has already developed a connector to automatically connect to your favorite applications. Otherwise, REST API and powerful SDK are there to bridge the gap with your internal applications or exotic software.
Additionally, because we are API driven, all SaaS solutions are easily connected to the orchestrator.

arrow-rightStart delivering improved services

In most cases we are recommending a step-by-step process, which builds your target Hybrid Integration Platform by incrementally adding building blocks and evolving your integration team skills accordingly, to make it more practicable, less risky and easier to justify.

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