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Even though Orsyp’s customers have already been going through a lot since 2014, the future of Dollar Universe keeps looking a little bit darker every day:

  • Support cost increased
  • Lack of new features
  • Support outsourced to third-party companies

It is probably time to move on!

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The IT automation market continues to shift and ActiveEon is here to support you

From batch processing to managing services in a hybrid environment, the requests made by the business are constantly growing from pure IT needs to more and more business requirements.

ActiveEon’s IT orchestration and automation solutions help enterprises support your existing, new and future requirements for your entire hybrid IT environment, including on-premises, cloud, and containerized services.

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Say goodbye to your silos - Get one platform that automates processes across your IT ecosystem & integrates with your existing IT solutions:

  • End-users can start automatic tasks from your ITSM.
  • Reduce support cost by sharing alerts to your ticketing system or Slack solution.
  • Provision cloud instances at a press of a button – AWS, Azure, Google, OVH...
  • With containers, deploy in minutes within any platforms.

Migration made easy

Maintaining the status quo is sometimes more painful than taking the decision to migrate.

ActiveEon migration program provides a safe route for organizations wanting to replace any scheduling or workload automation tool. We’ve successfully moved customers away from legacy systems from the likes of Broadcom/CA, JAMS, and BMC Control-M.

It’s time to leave the uncertainty of Dollar Universe behind!

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Get up and Running with Low-Code Automation in Minutes

Low-code technology facilitated everything from VM provisioning to IT automation and so much more.

Drag and drop workflow creation

You can simply drag and drop tasks or workflows from the catalog to create your IT process. No code is required.

Build Workflows Quickly

Empower citizen developers with pre-built templates. Enable reuse and speed delivery with modular blocks created by pro-developers.

Rich and Flexible Workflow designer

You can use your favorite language within each task. For more sophisticated needs, you can control the way your process is designed by using advanced functions such as Replicate, If and Loop.

Workflow low code ActiveEon ProActive

Self-Service: Do more with less

Self-service automation enables business users and helps desk teams to run automated jobs or processes prepared by the IT team.

Jobs status ActiveEon ProActive

Improve service operations and engage internal customers with self-service

  • Automate processes from the front office to the back office and let them monitor their job.
  • Solve customer problems by using workflows that bring teams together.
  • Proactively address issues and automate common requests.

Reduce time to solve problems

  • Connect with ServiceNow ticketing systems for quick problems' remediation.
  • Enable Slack alerts for remote workers.
  • Use helpdesk agents to launch self-healing workflow.

Connect team to boost efficiency

  • Improve service operations and engage customers with intelligent workflows.
  • By engaging teams in the process, save time and reduce ticket’s cost.
  • Release job pressure by letting users easily solve issues themselves.

Compelling reasons to adopt containers

Quick deployment across all platforms

  • Deploy in minutes cross-platform (Cloud, VM, on-premise).
  • Install quickly with ready-to-use image.

Secure operation & architecture

  • Controlled environment of execution, allowing secure operations.
  • Automatic fail over with native support of high availability in the cloud.

Rich and Flexible Workflow designer

  • Vertical scaling: adding more resources to an existing container to reach a desired state of performance at the press of a button.
  • Vertical scaling: auto-scaling with cloud bursting, for example.
Containers ActiveEon

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