Successfull migration from Dollar Universe

Simplify your architecture

IT automation continues to progress towards more intergation and scalability

Dollar Universe is a job scheduling and process automation tool for IT infrastructures.

While Dollar Universe offers benefits, its adaptability to evolving business demands, such as integrating emerging technologies and scaling, has limitations. The increasing need for real-time processing and predictive analysis drives enterprises to seek modern, agile solutions that centralize IT processing effectively.

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Activeeon provides a dynamic job scheduling solution designed to align with technological advancements and evolving requirements of your organization. Our distinctive platform automates your IT ecosystem, seamlessly integrating with both current and future solutions for more efficiency.

  • Manage tasks and processes across distributed environments
  • Leverage an intuitive user interface to effortlessly generate workflows using pre-existing templates
  • Efficiently schedule and execute thousands of tasks simultaneously, with robust tracking capabilities
  • Streamline operations by instantly provisioning cloud instances with a simple click

Migration made easy

Maintaining the status quo is sometimes more painful than taking the decision to migrate.

ActiveEon migration program provides a safe route for organizations wanting to replace any scheduling or workload automation tool. We’ve successfully moved customers away from legacy systems from the likes of Broadcom/CA, JAMS, and BMC Control-M.

It’s time to leave the uncertainty of Dollar Universe behind!

Download 7 Steps to a successful migration 

Get up and Running with Low-Code Automation

Low-code technology facilitated everything from VM provisioning to IT automation and so much more.

Quickly create graphical workflows and easily manage task dependencies

Seamlessly create IT workflows using drag-and-drop functionality. Our collection of pre-built templates empowers developers, while enabling business users to contribute to task automation, from simple processes to more complex workflows.

Smooth integration with current systems

The ProActive scheduling solution is suitable for both on-premise and cloud-based operations, seamlessly integrating with present and future platforms, applications, and databases. This ensures unparalleled scalability through APIs and microservices, tailored to address your business needs.

User-friendly interface for centralized scheduling and status monitoring

Our solution facilitates the implementation of organization-specific scheduling policies, complemented by advanced fault and error management capabilities.

Workflow low code ActiveEon ProActive

Replace your scheduler with a modern, centralized automation solution

Improve your workload automation and boost the efficiency of your IT workflows.

Jobs status ActiveEon ProActive

Manage all your environments from a central hub

  • Centralize the creation, monitoring, and reporting of both production and non-production workflows
  • Define user roles and manage access rights
  • Seamlessly integrate with other applications and tools through our API

Advanced scheduling capabilities

  • Create, modify and control your processes
  • Ability to stop, suspend or bypass processes
  • Prioritize critical processes over non-critical ones
  • Automate incident management and resume processing seamlessly from where it stopped

Choose from a diverse range of scheduling and execution options

  • Schedule tasks based on various criteria such as daily, weekly, etc.
  • Set schedules based on specific calendar events (e.g., 2nd working day of the month, 1st weekend of the month, etc.)
  • Execute tasks based on specified criteria, conditions, or events

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