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scientific lab
[INRA] Big Data HPC for Health Discovery

Distributed R environment for quantitative metagenomics platform and statistical analysis. more...

PEPS Satellite Photo by CNES
[CNES] Accelerate image processing and move to the cloud

Through PEPS, the CNES offer open-source images of Earth from the Copernicus Project satelites fleet. ProActive is used to automate and accelerate satellites images processing taking benefit of auto-scaling Azure cloud compute. more...


Legal and General - Solvency II
[Legal and General] Solvency II Simulations on Microsoft Azure

Now, thanks to ProActive and additional optimizations we made along the way with Azure, the batch time which previously was taking us 18 hours, is now down to 5 hours more...

Home Office Background
[UK Home Office] Back-end orchestration for the UK Visa plateform

Orchestrate third party application and schedule large jobs over 7 environments. more...


SAP Connector
SAP Connector

Integrate your automation system with SAP ECC using ProActive and JCO. more...