Considering an alternative to Automic?

You might consider replacing Automic with a more modern automation tool. Factors such as cost, support for customization options could drive a decision to switch to a different workload automation solution. And we've got you covered!

At Activeeon, we provide a modern and cost-effective automation solution with continuous improvement in order to better align with evolving business requirements.


What is modern automation?

Automic provides a powerful menu-based automation solution which was considered as one of the best solutions on the market.

Although outdated, menu-based architecture is still functional as long as the business requirements - and, consequently, the number of menu selections - remain constant.

It is unusual that we hear of companies that are immune to new requests from the business for increased automation to meet their needs.

The evolution from menu-based to script-based approaches in the job scheduling and workload automation market represents a shift towards greater flexibility, customization, and programmability.

Key aspects to review for Automic replacement

Adaptability to your exact needs
Menu-based systems are easy to use, but they are not flexible for changing requirements and each team specific needs. Users might be constrained by the available menu options and templates, making it challenging to implement tailored or sophisticated automation workflows.

Activeeon offers automation experts to replicate the precise triggers they always had but can also customize them with additional variables users always wanted but never got. Reciprocally, automation specialists can simplify the existing triggers and select only the variables needed for each team.
Reusability and teamwork
A shared catalog of templates, triggers and workflows promote the reuse of these elements across different teams. Automation specialists can design efficient and consistent automation processes by customizing the libraries of tasks, triggers and workflows for each team.

This technology is ideal for automation experts to integrate with other systems and tools. The use of APIs and scripting languages enables seamless integration with databases, applications, cloud services, and other components of the IT ecosystem. Once the template is ready and shared in the catalog, other teams can easily automate new business requirements by just filling the required variables.
Smart cross-infrastructure groups
With Activeeon’s powerful resource manager, automation experts can easily create virtual machine groups and allocate them to certain processes. This is crucial in efficiently manage and optimize the use of compute resources for the right applications.

For example, the workload prepared for the risk analysts using Monte-Carlo simulations can be associated with a predefined “high CPU” virtual group to process their simulation, when the workload for the marketing analysts has been prepared to connect to a “high RAM” virtual group for processing a lot of data with images.
Workloads Privacy Laws Compliance
Using Activeeon, automation specialists can establish virtual “Secured resource groups” and connect them to your actual protected environments. Experts can choose each computer environment separately in accordance with the compliance guidelines prescribed by the nation’s legislation.

You can now comply with business-specific privacy legislation like “Financial Privacy Law” as well as privacy laws like the CCPA (California), PDPB (India), NYCRR 500 (New York), and GDPR (Europe). For example, the scheduler will automatically route workloads into the correct GDPR environment in the back-end when a user launches a process that has a GDPR tag attached to it. Peace of mind: all processes are automated, monitored, and logged.

Considered from a budget standpoint, the Activeeon solution shines as an exceptionally cost-effective choice, potentially saving two to three times compared to the Automic solution. From a technology perspective, ProActive leads the way in the workload automation market, offering unparalleled flexibility for customers.

Migration made easy

Maintaining the status quo is sometimes more painful than taking the decision to migrate.

ActiveEon migration program provides a safe route for organizations wanting to replace any scheduling or workload automation tool. We’ve successfully moved customers away from legacy systems.

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