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AI Orchestration represents all the people, processes, tools and resources within your business and connects them to enable successful AI projects.

Unify the AI processes

It’s as easy as that. AI Orchestration streamlines the flow of information from source to destination, automates the workflow between teams and industrializes the process.

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Integration the User way

AI Orchestration unifies your existing and future IT infrastructure, as well as applications and tools. All actors involved in the AI pipeline can connect commercial or open-source apps to the common framework and share AI outputs at each stage of the pipeline.

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See the results

The AI framework enables continuous data acquisition, facilitates Data Scientist to train and select models, creates a smooth transition from pilot to productization and enables the visibility of processes from end-to-end.

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Illustration ActiveEon AI Orchestration

AI Orchestration is very much like music orchestration, where every people using their own instruments producing their own tune and together deliver a well-tuned result.

Problems from the real

The experimental nature of Data Scientist work often leads them to follow an ad-hoc process, making it difficult to hand off their work to ML engineers.

By the time the work is handed off to the engineers, the Data Scientists are unable to explain why certain decisions were made around modelling, data shaping, and data enhancement.

This can lead to a lot of throw-over-the-wall deployments where engineers are making decisions without understanding how or why behind what they are implementing.

Collaboration with AI Orchestration

ProActive AI Orchestration provides well-designed processes to the Data Scientists' experimental phase, and does it by connecting familiar Data Science tools that the engineers are comfortable with.

This allows engineers to use automated workflow processes, facilitating the collaboration and helping them to understand what happened prior to the hand off.

This understanding and collaboration will impact how the model is brought to production. It enables them to collaboratively iterate with the Data Scientists as they productionize the model.



Transform, prepare, and analyze data.

ActiveEon for DataOps

Illustration ActiveEon AI Orchestration - DataOps

Visual Workflows

Re-use or create data pipelines to transform, prepare, and analyze data.

The ActiveEon Studio portal enables to visually allow programmers or non programmers to easily build data pipelines.

By connecting to any sources or apps within your process, it is easy to plug ProActive AI Orchestration within your organization and create the backbone for your AI pipeline.

ActiveEon ready-to-use templates allow you to quickly connect and improve existing processes. The reusable plugin elements allow a quicker customization and advanced functions.

Our microservice and API driven architecture means you can connect to nearly anything and integrate it seamlessly into the AI pipeline.

ActiveEon ProActive Workflow Studio - Big Data ActiveEon ProActive Catalog

Key ActiveEon platform benefits for DataOps

Cross-functional collaboration

Brings together DevOps, data engineer and data scientists to interconnect tools, processes and organizational structures to support the data needed for AI applications.

Component reusability

Avoid to reinvent the wheel by providing “component reusability”. Letting coders and non coders to produce a better and quicker work, making a positive impact in quality and maintainability of the outcomes.

Extensive Automation

Save time by automating nearly anything with from data ingestion, connecting third party tools on your laptop, enterprise data lake or cloud services and share output with other teams.

Native iteration

Iteration is the bread and butter of MLOps… or should be. With ActiveEon you can re-use all the workflows already created and just change the input tables, analyze the results and do it again...until you get it right!

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Create, train and maintain models.

ActiveEon for Data Scientists

Illustration ActiveEon AI Orchestration - Data Scientist

ActiveEon's ProActive AI Orchestration provides data scientists with an easier and efficient way to create, train and maintain models.

The ActiveEon framework creates the essential link between the myriads of open-source and commercial AI tools your team may be using, providing seamless communication between apps.

Additionally, Data Scientists are free to use any cloud vendor and/or internal compute resources at a press of a button. The AI Orchestrator will provide automatic scaling across all these resources and will optimize the CPU, GPU and FPGA usage.

By integrating MLOps practices and adding the missing link for industrialization practices, we provide easy retraining automation, repeatable workflows, shorter life cycle and help you to stop wasting your time with killing manual tasks.

Researchers needs and ActiveEon solutions
ActiveEon ProActive Auto ML tuning algorithm extensible workflow
ActiveEon ProActive AI Orchestration - Jupyter
ActiveEon ProActive AI Orchestration - ML

Key ActiveEon platform benefits for Data Scientists

Retrain Model

Retraining model is part of the job, ActiveEon makes it easier for you. For example, if you are using JupyterLab you can take full advantage of our fully integrated JupyterLab plugin, just execute your new script from your very own Jupyter notebook and ActiveEon workflow will execute the whole pipeline automatically with the new parameters.

Use best tools

Use your favorite tools – ActiveEon interconnects commercial and open-source programs together, allowing the outputs of these diverse solutions to freely communicate between them, drastically improving your job outputs. Use your tools, use your skills, and continue to innovate.

Share models and outputs

No need of fancy and complex API job – allow your colleagues to share your dataspace in the ActiveEon framework and both models and data could be shared between your teams.


Thanks to ActiveEon expressiveness of our scripting techniques, you can simply change the parameters of your algorithm on the fly to train and validate your models.


DevOps & AI Engineers

Choose, decide and deploy.

ActiveEon for DevOps and AI Engineers

Illustration ActiveEon AI Orchestration - DevOps

Model Deployment

It provides the ideal solution to what is considered as the most cumbersome part of the ML Pipeline.
It provides not only the direct link to the selected model, but also establish the process between deployment stages from model registry to model re-training. Thanks to the open architecture of our solution, you can select at any stage to use our vertical functions developed for you or select to integrate the tool of your choice.

Easily deploy ML models for any use case

Due to the rapid development of the AI ecosystem, it is better to avoid vendor locking. With ActiveEon you have the freedom to deploy your model virtually anywhere.

In fact, you can decide for each AI model where it is appropriate to deploy - in Containers (using Kubernetes or not) – on bare metal – on premises – in HPC – in the cloud (using any vendors) – the choice is yours.

ActiveEon ProActive AI orchestration Catalog ActiveEon ProActive AI Orchestration studio
ActiveEon AI Pipeline

Key ActiveEon platform benefits for DevOps and AI Engineers

Automate the infrastructure

Thanks to our experience in IT orchestration, we bring the most advanced framework to the AI world and enable the AI Engineers to unify the enterprise IT infrastructure (present and future), any IT applications needed and any AI, ML, DL tools. We get that part covered for you. Additionally, the solution provides automatic scaling using any cloud or on-premises compute resources.

Automate deployment

Use comprehensive AI model workflows and automate each stage of the AI deployment. From model registry to model trigger, the framework provides either vertical functions or unify the outputs coming from best in class software.

Monitor in real life

You can monitor the model performance and predictions, as well as checking continuously the drift of data. Additionally, we make sure hardware metrics are always in green (CPU, GPU, FPGA, Memory…). ActiveEon will help you to do all these and more.

Trigger model retraining

Schedule automatic check at regular time that monitor data input and output and define triggers for deciding the best way forward.

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