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Pipeline & Workflow Orchestration: Edge to Core to Cloud to Edge for AI + HPC

See full AI/HPC pipeline processing data from acquired from edge devices, computing on the edge including gpu, collaborative work with jupyter and python, AutoML, model as a service, data deviation detection and more

Distributed analysis of microbiome samples data at INRA MetaGenoPolis

Industries: Biotechnology, biology, genetics, statistics
Benefits: Acceleration of metagenomic analysis on a dynamic resource pool up to 1000 cores

INRA testimonial about collaboration with Activeeon

Industries: Biotechnology, biology, genetics, statistics
Benefits: Scheduling and distribution of gut microbiota genomic analysis over Azure cloud, operational cost reduction

ProActive Job Planner with Gantt view

Industries: all
Benefits: Scheduling of jobs and execution status visualization with Gantt integration

Get started with ProActive software

Industries: all
Benefits: Try ProActive workload automation and scheduling software using web-based trial platform

Cloud elasticity for Satellite Image Analysis

Industries: aerospace, orthorectification
Benefits: Distributed processing on hybrid cloud with automated scale up based on load and automated scale down when idle See also french version of the video.

Power Networks Analytics with ELK and Machine Learning

Industries: data analytics, machine learning, data fusion, clustering, visualization, anomaly detection, Open Data, UK power networks, peak demand and electricity consumption, Smart grid
Benefits: code-free data analytics, efficiently real-time data stream processing and analytics, on-demand PaaS

Image processing at scale in the cloud

Industries: aerospace, manufacturing, automotive
Benefits: pay for what you use, resource agnostic, digital transformation

Orchestrate Microsoft pre-built + custom AI machine learning

Industries: all
Benefits: freedom to use and integrate all Microsoft AI frameworks, scaling up & industrialization

ProActive AI Orchestration Demo

Industries: all
Benefits: AI accessible and quick to set up for all application developers, freedom to use all AI frameworks, scaling up ML training, prediction, industrialization

Accelerating finance simulations (Monte Carlo, Solvency II)

Industries: finance, insurance, banking, regulation compliance (Solvency II, Bale III, UCITS)
Benefits: Accelerating from 18 hours to 2 hours, Massive Cost Saving, Agility

Workload-based scalability with ProActive resource manager on OpenShift platforms

Benefits: Automation of business applications with elastic scale up and scale down on Openshift using ProActive resource manager

Digital transformation for manufacturing: optimizing machining process

Industries: manufacturing, automotive, aerospace
Benefits: for intelligent manufacturing and more efficient production

How to install and use ProActive Workflows & Scheduling on OpenShift

Industries: all
Benefits: IT and business workload scheduling and orchestration, OpenShift integration, resource elasticity with smart scale-up and scale-down