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ActiveEon, supported by Business France, orchestrates and accelerates processing of thousands of Amazon nodes for a new Israeli customer [Friday February, 26th 2016]

ActiveEon, supported by Business France, orchestrates and accelerates processing of thousands of Amazon nodes for a new Israeli customer

25.02.16 - Primeur Weekly Magazine   

Nuages 25 Feb 2016 Paris, Tel Aviv - Thanks to Business France Tel Aviv support, ActiveEon's Workflows & Scheduling product is now largely used by a new Israeli customer. With ActiveEon's solutions, an Israeli finance company is optimizing its analyses of stock-exchange quotations in order to take the best position for its customers. This Algorithmic Trading platform orchestrated by ActiveEon runs on thousands of nodes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform.


From the 31st January to the 4th February, Business France organized, in partnership with the French Ministry of Economy, French Tech and French Clusters - Cap Digital, Systematic, Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées, Minalogic, Imaginove, Images & Réseaux, Poles TES, an export trip in Israel - Tel Aviv and Haifa - focused on Big Data & IoT. The ActiveEon company, which is developing its business in Israel, participated to the journey.


Yael Haouzi, Head of High-Tech, Innovation and Services at Business France Tel Aviv, stated: "Our local presence allows us to have a good knowledge of economic players in this country. In a short period of time we succeeded in reaching our Israeli contacts according to criteria established with ActiveEon."


Francois Tournesac, Chief Sales Officer at ActiveEon, stated: "We were impressed with the quality of Business France support in Tel Aviv. As we work with advanced technologies, it isn't always simple for us to find potential customers and right persons to speak to. Within 4 days, Business France has arranged for us more than 20 different meetings, and all of them were perfectly qualified."


The results came very quickly. Only 3 weeks after these first meetings, ActiveEon has signed a contract with a new customer in Tel Aviv and providing support to lead them to the production stage.


The new ActiveEon customer, whose name remains confidential for the moment, is a private innovative fast-growing company, established in 2015. It aims to become a leading player on finance marketplaces by developing advanced analyses for Algo Trading investments. Backed by its talented team, the company develops advanced technologies involving Big Data and Machine Learning. Coupled with an in-depth comprehension of the financial arena, the company develops algorithms for cutting-edge automated orders.


Thanks to ActiveEon's Workflows & Scheduling solution, the company can now conduct its financial analysis in a very simple way using thousands of nodes on Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS), not needing an expensive infrastructure, and can also easily transfer its data towards and from the Amazon S3 storage.


ActiveEon schedules and orchestrates data processing, automatically manages network failures and guarantees fault-tolerance. Moreover, it allows to optimize the number of virtual machines which are used on AWS and their cost.


Denis Caromel, CEO of ActiveEon, stated: "Large scale efficiency of our solutions has perfectly fitted high capacity and high speed requirements for such financial analysis. Moreover, reliability and agility of our solutions, providing rich and flexible APIs were particularly appreciated by the customer."

The Israeli customer stated about the ActiveEon solution: "The ActiveEon solution is incredibly simple to implement. It allows us to achieve very big configurations with efficiency, agility, and to control Cloud infrastructure costs thanks to their advanced scheduling. We also have the possibility to choose the most appropriate supplier at any time - Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc."


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