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[Release] ProActive Workflows & Scheduling 10.0.0 is out and available for trial and download

Main features provided with the new release:

New Job Analytics portal
New AutoML algorithms implemented with open workflows
Tensorboard and Jupyter integration through ProActive Kernel
Event Orchestration event-based scheduling portal
New version of Automation portal
Extended support for dynamic policy on Azure, AWS, GCP
Job planner with improved Gantt visualization

Release notes


  • Ability to kill the process tree started by a task in non-fork mode
  • Job and task filters for a better handling of long lists

Resource Manager

  • New metric for needed nodes
  • Ability to work in intranet
  • More info available in nodes history chart

Proactive Event Orchestration

  • Complex events detection triggering user-specified actions according to predefined rules
  • More rules for different use cases
  • Enhanced UX within Event Orchestration portal

Job Analytics

  • New portal for Job Analytics
  • Monitoring of executed workflows with their input variables and results



  • Shortcuts to add workflows to any bucket in Studio
  • Possibility to copy a task from one workflow to another
  • Undo shortcut with CTRL+Z

Job planner

  • Improve Gantt visualization
  • Improve error management when resources are removed from an association

Machine learning

  • Different variants of AutoML for hyperparameters optimization
  • Tensorboard integration for real-time visualization
  • Data visualization connector for Tableau
  • Optimization of Adapted Machine Learning pipelines using AutoML
  • Improve model explainability to understand its global behavior or specific predictions
  • Jupyter integration through ProActive Kernel


  • Display direct dependencies for catalog objects (parent and child objects)
  • Generate a pdf report of a call graph


Other improvements

  • Improved SQL tasks for database connectors and updated file connectors
  • Improved ProActive Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Improved startup time for embedded Jetty Server
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Published on July 12, 2019