job planner with gantt integration

[Release] ProActive Workflows & Scheduling 8.4 is out and available for trial and download

Discover new features in solution interfaces, scheduling API and databases:

Job Planner in Automation Dashboard

  • Gantt chart for Job Planning: interactive view with job history, executing and future jobs, errors, etc.
  • Activate and deactivate the execution planning of a specific workflow, or of a whole calendar
  • Login with credentials file

ProActive Job Planner: schedule your jobs and visualize their execution with Gantt view

Workflow studio

  • Custom workflow visualization now available at execution on the dynamic view
  • Presets: palettes layout control with predefined configurations
  • Automated Machine Learning: hyperparameter optimization with 6 tuning algos (Beyesian, Grid, Random, Quasi Random, CMAES, MOCMAES)


  • Improved Docker support with Dockerfile, together with Docker Compose
  • Speedup of scheduler startup time, independence from job history (lazy loading of finished jobs)
  • Rerun a finished, paused, in-error job from the beginning
  • Support for Job Parent ID, see job filiation in Scheduler portal
  • Extended scheduling license policy to jobs and not only tasks

Scheduling API

  • Jobs information with GraphQL: duration, submit & start time, pending time, cumulated task execution time, incidents, version, etc.

Resource Manager

  • Get Host or Node Thread Dump directly from the resource manager portal
  • Infrastructure as Code with Json node sources (Azure VMs, Azure Scale Sets, Azure Kubernetes, AWS VMs, local & dynamic)
  • Windows Agent: control number of agents per time slot of the day


  • Support for Oracle DataBase 12c
  • Support for connection pooling to any external SQL database across multiple task executions

Catalog & Report Generation

  • Keep track of who designed and publish a workflow
  • ONNX support added for Deep Learning workflows
  • New Risk Valuation workflows for finance
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Published on February 28, 2019