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Activeeon awarded with Innovation prize at Paris Open Source Summit 2018 for its Cloud Solution with Elastic Scalability

Activeeon has been awarded the “Innovation” prize for its scalable and elastic solution leveraging cloud capacity. Activeeon received the Innovation award from the technical committee of Paris Open Source Summit during the opening ceremony on Tuesday December 4th. The prize aims to recognize companies which contributed to the advances in IT innovation worldwide.

Activeeon competed for the “Open Source Innovation Prize” with its elastic and scalable solution for the acceleration and automation of processing over multi-cloud platforms. Activeeon is specialized in IT and business processes orchestration, scheduling and automation solutions, with elastic and scalable computing resource pool. ProActive software by Activeeon is particularly suited for processing workloads over cloud infrastructures. Activeeon operates in time-consuming processing projects, such as data analysis, financial simulations, machine learning, predictive maintenance, satellite imagery processing, scientific formulations and much more. Companies call on Activeeon when they have automation and big amount of data or images to process or for time-consuming computation needs.

Activeeon and OW2 at Open Source Summit

Activeeon technological innovation and advanced solution consists in providing the best performance with maximum infrastructure cost optimization, through dynamic computing resource elasticity. With its elasticity, ProActive provides cloud computing power according to real needs. The solution minimizes costs by deploying the number of virtual machines which matches the amount of workload to be processed. Thus, users never exceed their budget with min/max virtual machines definition options. The smart elastic policy is entirely configurable. To prevent time-consuming redeployments, virtual machines will be shut down upon a configurable idle delay.

Want to see it running? Request a demo here our watch our latest video on Cloud elasticity for Satellite Image Analysis.

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Published on December 5, 2018