activeeon selected to support the research in AI

ActiveEon selected by the French government to support the research in AI

January 24th, 2022 - Press Release

ActiveEon, one of the principal actors in an impressive consortium of leaders, has been selected by the French government to support the research in AI.

Bruno le Maire, French Minister of Finance and Industry, introduced in November 2021, the new cloud platform aimed at French AI research bodies that will include robust AI capabilities as well as high performance computing resources.

The program has been launched to promote and support French and European innovations within the high tech sector, create an alternative to the extra-European cloud providers and in collaboration with Germany work on GAIA-X to create cloud standards.

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“We are particularly proud of this selection because our solution is at the heart of enterprise’ rapid maturation towards improving AI success rate through the productization of the AI/ML pipeline.
ActiveEon is leading the way in solving many of the issues that have plagued this new industry since the beginning.”
– said Philippe Lignac, ActiveEon Chief Revenue Officer.

Denis Caromel, CEO of ActiveEon added: “One of the main reasons the majority of all AI initiatives fail, is because early on managers often jumped on the AI bandwagon without a clear strategy, and without putting in place an adequate operational process.
We now see an attitude change in the market where the same managers are now looking at leveraging DataOps, MLOps, and DevOps expertise in a more controlled and operationalized environment where data, tools and models integrate within the existing enterprise applications and infrastructure.”

ActiveEon platform is designed to enable all actors in the process to connect their existing favorite tools, share data, share best practices, enable governance, and participate in an enterprise Data science pipeline.

Illustration Activeeon AI orchestration

Enterprises seeking to accelerate operationalization of Data Science pipelines comprising artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning models will advantageously benefit from ActiveEon enterprise-grade AI orchestration and automation platforms.

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Published on January 24, 2022