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Discover On-Line the new features of ProActive V6.1 - January 2015 [Thursday January, 29th 2015]

       Discover On-Line the new features of ProActive V6.1, January 2015
        See us in : London (Uk), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
ActiveEon wish you a Happy New Year!
In 2015, you can continue to count on us to help you with all your projects

Discover On-Line the new features of ProActive V6.1, January 2015.
Try the brand new ProActive V6.1 version, and discover the latest features our three core products:
. ProActive Workflows & Scheduling
. ProActive Parallel Scientific Toolbox
. ProActive Cloud Automation
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Malaysia Training,
The training date are 25-26 March 2015, Kuala Lumpur.
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See us in London at CEE
Cloud Expo Europe, ExCeL London, March 11-12, 2015.
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. Validating the ProActive Workflow Studio : Web UI testing with Nightwatch.js and Selenium. See how we tested and validated the SaaS Workflow UI using Selenium to perform actions (click, type text…) and checks, and Nightwatch.js command-line test runner to make it easy to run tests and generate useful output.
. Speeding up web app deployment in Jetty: When the ProActive Workflows and Scheduling server is started, no fewer than 5 web applications are deployed in the embedded Jetty servlet container. It was taking some time (a few seconds) and we decided to improve it.

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