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Major ProActive Release featuring Workflows & Scheduling V6.0, Sept. 30th 2014 [Thursday October, 2nd 2014]

Major ProActive Release featuring Workflows & Scheduling V6.0, Sept. 30th 2014

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                                 Major ProActive Release featuring 
                               Workflows & Scheduling V6.0, Sept. 30th 2014
                                                              Next event: Free Webinar & invited Talk at OpenStack Summit & OW2Con'14

Major ProActive Release V6.0

Following the Major Release of ProActive V6, discover ProActive new web interfaces to create, execute and monitor all company jobs and business applications. Get a sneak view or try it online .

See how to federate infrastructures, including private with bursting on public clouds, to achieve more in less time and with fewer resources, to simplify usage and improve productivity. Learn about built-in fault tolerance features that will bring to your company a resilient cloud platform with high-availability. Enjoy reading!

Brand New Features for ProActive V6:

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling now embeds all ProActive components to design workflows and execute them on distributed resources. The distribution contains the ProActive scheduler server, the REST API, the 3 Web interfaces, and the command line tools. Read Release Notes... 

A new easy-to-read all-in-one-place comprehensive documentation is now available.

Webinar: Discover the New Release, October 1st 10am (4pm HKT) 

Discover ProActive Workflows & Scheduling, new web interfaces to create, execute and monitor all business workloads and automate applications in the Cloud. Click here for Replay.  

OpenStack Summit & OW2Con'14 with a ProActive Invited Talk
ActiveEon delivers an Invited Talk at OpenStack Summit/OW2Con'14 on the 5th of November 2014, Palais des Congrès, Paris.
Denis Caromel, CEO, will speak about "ProActive Cloud Automation: Workflow Scheduling & Orchestration". 
ProActive OW2 features management of heterogeneous private Clouds, with burst capacity on Data Center and Public clouds... Read more


Xavier Niel through Kima Ventures, PACA Investment, BA06, and Nestadio Capital invest in ActiveEon 
PACA Investment, the co-investment fund created by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, with financial support from the EU, Nestadio Capital, Kima Ventures and BA06/FCPR06 invest 1.1M$ in ActiveEon, in order to support its business development in France and abroad. Read more


Following its Fundraising, ActiveEon is hiring 3 Seasoned Sales and several Pre-Sales. Please check-out the positions and contact us for an exciting adventure.


Blog posts
ProActive Workflows & Scheduling 6.0 is out!
The last few weeks have been quite busy at ActiveEon! We are now very happy to deliver the result of our hard work, the new release of ProActive Workflows & Scheduling! Read more

Testing a Debian package with Docker  
Docker makes it easy to test software in different linux environments by enabling creation of lightweight throw-away containers. Read more

Docker & ProActive
Nowdays the cloud is all about Docker! Docker there, Docker here! And with the recent release of Docker 1.0, you just can't miss it. Read more


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