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Xavier Niel through Kima Ventures, PACA Investment, BA06, and Nestadio Capital invest in ActiveEon [Monday May, 26th 2014]

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PACA Investment, the co-investment fund created by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, with financial support from the EU (Feder), Nestadio Capital, Kima Ventures (the investment fund of Xavier Niel) and BA06/FCPR06 invest 800 K€ in ActiveEon, company based in Sophia Antipolis (06) in order to support its business development in France and abroad.

Marseille, Sophia-Antipolis, Paris ; May 26, 2014 :

ActiveEon "spin-off" of Inria is a software company "Open Source" created in 2007.

It uses the Grid and Cloud Computing technologies to accelerate applications used by businesses and optimize their hardware resources. These solutions manage, pool dynamically and optimize all resources of an IT infrastructure.

ActiveEon designed and developed the software « Proactive Parallel Suite » which offers the possibility to execute faster and more simply by providing tools for programmers to accelerate the operation of applications in the fields of Grid and Cloud. This software will help streamline costs and manage information technology but also improve the performance of business applications and manage the growing volume of data.

Software development (in partnership with INRIA, CNRS, I3S and the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis) and integration are directly made by experts from ActiveEon.

In partnership with solution providers such as Microsoft and Numergy (french cloud actor). ActiveEon’s ProActive Parallel Suite suits both SMEs and major accounts. "We also have a project with DISIC (Interministerial Directorate of Information and Communication Systems, ISD State group, Ed) to manage clouds from different departments," says Denis Caromel. The founder of ActiveEon Denis Caromel, PhD and MBA at HEC, himself had professionnal experiences within start-ups in Silicon Valley. He wears this project with ambition and plans to be a player in the cloud market in strong growth in France and abroad.

Marie Desportes, Associate Director of Turenne Capital, said: "PACA Investment is pleased to support the company ActiveEon. Their product are clearly innovative and responds to issues that CIOs face. Today, demand is increasing for high performance applications and software Proactive Parallel Suite address effectively this new major issue for a growing number of users.".

Georges Dao, BA 06, said: "The dynamics of the leader and the product developped on a very timely topic led us to support the development of ActiveEon to allow him to enter the market and develop its activity".

Bertrand Bégin, CEO Nestadio Capital, said: "A real technological advance in the key sector such as Cloud and Grid, a rapidly marketable to international product sectors, ActiveEon is the typical startup that Nestadio Capital supports through Nestadio Tech Fund. "

About PACA Investissement:
PACA is the investment fund for regional co-investment created in 2010 by the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region to support the emergence and development of local innovative companies. This SAS, with 19.45 M €, was supported Europe through funds Feder (european regiona development fund) for 50% of its capital. Since July 2011, the fund, whose management was entrusted to Turenne Capital, has already invested in 24 innovative regional companies for a total amount of € 8.9 million.

About Turenne Capital:
Founded in 1999 and based in Paris, Lille and Marseille, Turenne Capital, a leading independent private equity fund, supports entrepreneurs in their growth operations (organic growth, international expansion, acquisition) and in the context of operations of transmission of their assets. Turenne Capital Group manages 415 million euros of which 150 M € on behalf of institutional subscribers through various funds. Turenne Investissement listed on Alternext and Paca Investissement, and the balance for account of policy holders individuals through FIP and FCIC .

About Nestadio Capital:
Nestadio Capital is an independent asset management company approved by the FMA (Financial Markets Authority) and created by Florent de Kersauson. It manages FIP investing in regional SMEs in Bretagne, Pays de la Loire, Normandie and Poitou Charente and FCPI investing in European startups to global potential. Nestadio Capital is today the only society to have formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft equity. It also launched the Silicon Valley of Zgarage acceleration program to help startups to invest in the U.S. market. www.nestadio-capital.com

About BA 06/FCPR06:
BA06 Accompaniment and 06 venture capital funds Entrepreneurial Fund was created at the initiative of the UPE06 (MEDEF, CGPME) to meet a critical need, namely to enable the wealth of creativity high potential of 06 to grow by combining the winner Support / Equity couple with contractors for creative entrepreneurs.

About Kima Ventures:
The Kima Ventures fund was created in 2010 by Xavier Niel, founder of Iliad-Free and Jérémie Berrebi, creator of Net2one.com to support entrepreneurs. Its objective is to finance innovative companies worldwide. Kima Ventures promotes the growth of startups, supporting them quickly and efficiently: financing of boot, pooling of resources and access to a network of partners and relationships in the world. Kima Ventures invests in projects that meet a need and have a realistic business model. www.kimaventures.com

Participated in the operation:
Nestadio Capital: Jean-Eudes Queffélec
BA 06: Georges Dao
Kima Ventures: Xavier Niel
Turenne Capital (representing Paca Investissement): Marie Desportes, Aurélie Viaux
Legal advice Investors: Myriam Cuvellier
Legal Council Leader: Nicolas Ivaldi (Ventury Avocats)

Press contact:
ActiveEon: Denis Caromel – olivier.choulet@ecoat.fr
Valérie Roché-Melin - PACA Investissement - v.roche@pacainvestissement.com;

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