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ActiveEon and Numergy launch their joint offer for Cloud Automation [Monday May, 19th 2014]

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ActiveEon and Numergy launch their joint offer for Cloud Automation

Paris and Sophia Antipolis, May 19th 2014 - ActiveEon and Numergy announce the availability of their new joint offer ProActive Cloud Automation, directly hosted in Numergy’s data centers and available in SaaS mode.

ProActive Cloud Automation empowers the automatic deployment of complex multi-VMs applications. Numergy’s final users and service partners can now simplify self-service deployment, as well as automate the delivery of in production services. One can set and control application elasticity with automated scaling-up and down, horizontally and vertically. Once the service deployment is defined, it is now possible to deploy anywhere with workflow reversibility. With unified cloud management, applications execute on multi-vendor private, public and hybrid clouds.

ActiveEon's Cloud solution now enables the mechanization of complex applications management in the Cloud. You orchestrate the provisioning of composite applications made of SQL and NoSQL databases, middleware, ERP, Web Servers, etc. You define workflows that deploy such multi-VM IT services, configure them, add on-the-fly applications, and fully manage their entire lifecycles, including upload, start, stop, backup, restart, and updates.

Flexibility and Reversibility. ProActive Cloud Automation lets you define Cloud Workflows that indifferently deploy on all the main cloud infrastructures and IaaS latforms. ProActive connectors and APIs let you trigger and monitor the execution of your VM migrations. Supported platforms include Vmware, OpenStack, CloudStack, Hyper-V, Microsoft, Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Numergy.

For all customers, the return on investment is immediate: important cost savings on developments, infrastructure and system administration, acceleration of applications, enhancing the quality of service and SLA reinforcement. In just a few clicks, companies can deploy their Workload, Services, Mobile Applications... More, companies can maintain strong in-house expertise and full control of their internal Cloud, while benefiting at the same time from hosting and bursting on Numergy.

Denis Caromel, ActiveEon Founder and CEO states: “First, the joint offer enables the automation of complex deployments that used to be real IT challenges. Moreover, Cloud Workflows that indifferently deploy on all the main cloud infrastructures and IaaS platforms are now a reality: you can migrate your application from, let’s say, Vmware to OpenStack, back and forth in production, or select one for developments and tests, and seamlessly use the other one for production."

"We are pleased to partner with ActiveEon to offer an innovative solution that the market is waiting for,” said Numergy VP SALES Frank Bossel. “The capacity to manage all kinds of complex workflows in production with load management and auto-scaling are key features for the major ESNs, ISVs, and Numergy’s whole cloud ecosystem. Moreover, the interoperability offered by ProActive Cloud Automation is perfectly in line with our international strategy to offer Pan-European solutions to our customers in the context of the Cloud Team Alliance, initiated by Numergy and Belgacom in June 2013.”

About ActiveEon:
ActiveEon, an ISV and a service company, is dedicated to automate, accelerate and upscale infrastructures and applications in the area of Cloud computing. An INRIA spin-off founded in 2007, with headquarters in the Sophia Antipolis Techno Park, France, ActiveEon is an Open Source Professional company editing OW2 ProActive Parallel Suite®. It supplies to its customers, support, consulting, integration and development, subscription and OEM partnership. ProActive optimizes the execution of the most demanding applications, company workflows, numerical and financial simulations, technical computing, and data analysis (Map/Reduce).

About Numergy:
Founded in September 2012, Numergy is a company specialized in the construction and operation of cloud computing infrastructures with a focus on France and some European aspirations. With the support of its shareholders SFR, Bull and the Caisse des Dépôts, Numergy was designed to become a true "digital power plant" to support the economy and growth. The mission of Numergy is to provide to businesses (SOHO, SME and large accounts) and public organizations IT resources in a safe, efficient and competitive way. Numergy guarantees and commits to high availability of its infrastructure and also to the location of data on French territory.

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