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Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Asset Issekeshev, Friday July 19th 2013, Nice Fran [Monday July, 22nd 2013]

Denis Caromel, ActiveEon CEO, met with Asset Issekeshev, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan on Friday July 19th 2013. Asset Issekeshev objective of his official visit in France is to reinforce collaboration between the two countries, especially in the domain of new technologies. ActiveEon got the privilege to meet with the Vice Prime Minister due to existing collaborations on Cloud computing between ActiveEon and companies in Astana, Kazakhstan capital. Asset Issekeshev was very enthusiastic about the existing relationships, and the discussions that took place shall reinforce ActiveEon positions in Kazakhstan.

Asset Issekeshev Web site: http://www.primeminister.kz/page/zamestitel-premer-ministra-ministr-industrii-i-novyh-tehnologij-isekeshev-aset-orentaevich?lang=en

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