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AS+ Groupe EOLEN and ActiveEon Partner to Deliver Advanced Grid and Cloud Solutions [Friday January, 25th 2013]


AS+ Groupe EOLEN and ActiveEon, two members of TERATEC, partner to deliver advanced Grid and Cloud solutions to customers

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Paris and Sophia Antipolis, 25th, January 2013 – ActiveEon and AS+ Groupe EOLEN are very pleased to announce their agreement to deliver advanced Grid and Cloud solutions to customers. AS+ Groupe EOLEN has chosen ProActive Parallel Suite to promote value added Grid and Cloud services. For ActiveEon, it is another demonstration of its ability to market its ProActive software as a Cloud enabler for outsourcing.

AS+ Groupe EOLEN is a high-expertise consulting and engineering company aiming to provide a complete service offer in the field of high performance computing. It has just become a TeraTec member in 2013. ActiveEon, an INRIA start-up, is the innovative Software Editor of the Cloud Open Source solution ProActive Parallel Suite. This is a strategic relationship for these two complementary companies. The partnership permits to deliver and manage Cloud and Grid platforms that pool heterogeneous resources (Linux, Windows, Mac, OpenStack, VMware, EC2, Azure) to optimize infrastructure usage and save on administration costs. Moreover, ProActive Orchestrator allows scheduling customer business workflows on the shared infrastructures according to the specific requirements of each application, also making an allowance for the corporate priorities.

AS+ Groupe EOLEN being a major actor in outsourcing, systems integration and R&D developments, the agreement with ActiveEon enables each company to deliver to customers advanced solutions, with strong cost reductions in administration and infrastructure investments, together with accelerated and automated business applications. ActiveEon finds here a strong partner to reinforce its positions into the very promising market of IT Cloud Outsourcing.

"This partnership with ActiveEon is perfectly consistent with our strategy at AS+ Groupe EOLEN to bring to our customers from domains such as Engineering, Telco, Media, Finance, a comprehensive solution with services to manage their workflows and optimizing their infrastructure. Workflow orchestration and meta-scheduling capabilities provided by ProActive as well as the quality of support offered by ActiveEon are one of our key strengths to bring this ambition to reality for our demanding customers." says Sébastien Monot, Innovation Manager at AS+ Groupe EOLEN.


Denis Caromel, Founder and CEO of ActiveEon states "Cloud evolution is all about heterogeneity and flexibility, in a context of IT cost reduction, and nevertheless with improved SLA for business applications. This is the challenge that we solve for our customers, both in project and Outsourcing mode now with AS+ Groupe EOLEN. We have been interacting in the past with AS+ Groupe EOLEN, and with have been impressed by their advanced expertise; it is a real pleasure to reinforce our collaboration."


About ActiveEon:

ActiveEon is your technological partner to accelerate and to upscale your infrastructures and applications in the area of Cloud computing. INRIA spin-off founded in 2007, with headquarter in the Sophia Antipolis Techno Park, France, ActiveEon is an Open Source Professional company editing OW2  ProActive Parallel Suite®. It supplies to its customers, support, consulting, integration and development, subscription and OEM partnership. ProActive optimizes the execution of the most demanding applications, company workflows, numerical and financial simulations, Matlab ™ and Scilab, and data analysis (Map/Reduce).


About AS+ Groupe EOLEN:

AS+ Groupe EOLEN is a consulting and engineering company which brings added-value to the technological & innovative projects of companies. Our job is to assist our clients in their development of products and services. Our fields of expertise are Electronics (ex: development of electronic components & cards), Informatics (ex: application & embedded software development), Mechanics and Telecommunications. We operate in all phases of these projects, from downstream studies to production. We develop a niche of technical knowledge existing in all of these different industries sectors: Car industry, Aeronautics, Chip card, Defense, Digital television, Transport, Telecommunication, Space, Bank, Insurance, Finance…


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