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BELFIUS Bank reinforces its trust in ActiveEon and its ProActive Parallel Suite® [Monday June, 18th 2012]


BELFIUS Bank reinforces its trust in ActiveEon and its ProActive Parallel Suite® solution for distributed computing in Private Cloud mode

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Sophia Antipolis, 5th of June 2012 – BELFIUS Bank in Brussels (formerly DEXIA) is placing its trust in the ActiveEon editor from Sophia Antipolis and its position should be consolidated in the coming months. The ProActive Parallel Suite® solution demonstrated the value of the parallelization of financial application processing for DEXIA during a first set of very significant tests in 2011, and transition to the production use of ProActive Parallel Suite. The banking industry is increasingly interested in open systems for renovation of applications and in strengthening of financial stress tests.

The Proactive Parallel Suite®, http://ProActive.inria.fr, is available under an open source license within the OW2 community. It offers a versatile solution for gathering computing resources and provides a simple and unified access to these resources via web-based portal, as well as standalone interfaces and APIs. ProActive also optimizes the execution of the most demanding applications, business workflows, numerical and financial simulations, Matlab ™ and Scilab, data analysis ( Map / Reduce).

Thanks to ActiveEon’s software, BELFIUS can use Citrix machines dedicated to desktop virtualization for accelerating the execution of financial stress tests. It all runs with ProActive in Private Cloud mode.

“A major strength of ProActive is its ability to integrate with existing infrastructure, without need to modify them. In a period of IT costs reduction, our customers realize significant savings, while gaining the flexibility and accuracy of business applications”, says Denis Caromel, co-founder and President of ActiveEon.

“With ActiveEon and its solution Cloud ProActive, the return on investment is clear: we can use our existing infrastructure more effectively, and share it between applications. In addition, we benefit from more effective financial simulations, and the ability to run some jobs in very high priority, including in preemptive mode. In summary, with fewer machines, we are able to perform more financial simulations.” reports Kristof De Groote, Software Architect at BELFIUS.


About ActiveEon:

ActiveEon is your technological partner to accelerate and to scale your infrastructures and applications in the field of distributed and parallel computing and business Grid and Cloud. Founded in 2007 and situated in Techno Park Sophia Antipolis, France, ActiveEon is an Open Source company and an INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) spin-off. It co-develops the ProActive Parallel Suite® and supplies to its customers support, consulting, integration and development, subscription and OEM partnership.

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