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ActiveEon Announces ProActive Parallel Suite Support for Microsoft’s Windows HPC Server 2008 [Monday November, 16th 2009]


ActiveEon Announces ProActive Parallel Suite Support for Microsoft’s Windows HPC Server 2008

SC09— PORTLAND, Oregon – November 16, 2009–ActiveEon, your dedicated technology partner for accelerating and scaling up your enterprise applications, today announces support for Windows HPC Server with the new release of ProActive Parallel Suite.

ProActive Parallel Suite® 4.2 now provides a powerful innovative Open Source Solution from multi-core workstation to enterprise grids & cloud computing with new support for Windows HPC Server 2008. ProActive provides customers with rapid development of HPC, Grid and Cloud applications. ActiveEon is an innovative startup in Microsoft’s IDEES and BizSpark programs.

ProActive Parallel Suite 4.2, Nov. 2009, features: •    ProActive Programming 4.2:  Java Parallel Toolkit •    ProActive Scheduling 2.0 :      Multi-Platform Job Scheduler •    ProActive Resourcing 2.0:      Desktop, Cluster, Grid & Cloud Resource Manager

“We’ve all heard ‘Flexible Heterogeneous IT Infrastructure’ claims in the past, but this time it’s for real,” said Christian Delbé, ActiveEon Technical Director. “ActiveEon and its partners will be delivering outstanding performance and broad applicability to developers in various industries.  Flexible heterogeneous computing, where portability (Windows, Linux, Mac) works in tandem with versatility (Desktops, Cluster, Grid and Clouds), is what makes such a breakthrough possible.” Additional components such as ProActive Windows Agents and ProActive VM Management including support for Microsoft Hyper-V, complete the comprehensive support for Windows platforms.

Thanks to the ProActive Parallel Suite integrated solution, it is now possible to: •    Aggregate Windows-based PCs and distribute jobs over desktops •    Seamlessly Integrate with Windows HPC Server 2008 clusters •    Seamlessly handle and integrate Linux clusters •    Extend internal computing resources with Amazon EC2 nodes •    Efficiently execute over all these nodes or only on Amazon EC2

“ProActive Parallel Suite together with Windows HPC Server 2008 makes it possible to rapidly develop HPC applications, improve productivity and reduce complexity of systems administration and cluster interoperability as well as seamlessly scale from Workstation to Cluster to Cloud,” said Denis Caromel, founder of ProActive Parallel Suite and ActiveEon, Head of INRIA OASIS Research Team.

ProActive Parallel Suite solutions are being showcased at SuperComputing 2009 in Portland, Oregon, November 14-20 at INRIA’s booth 1405, and at a Microsoft theatre presentation (November 18th, 15H45) including use cases in the Financial and Genomic Sequencing sectors. Presentations and demonstrations will show how to seamlessly take advantage of Windows HPC Server 2008 solutions together with Windows desktops, fully integrated with the capacity to handle legacy Linux clusters and the cloud.

ActiveEon is committed to ongoing support of Microsoft products in the HPC domain. Joint customers will be able to utilize the power of parallel processing from their desktops to the clusters, and all the way to the cloud, with familiar and easy-to-use tools.


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ActiveEon provides a complete suite of software products that accelerate and scale up your applications in the Grid and Cloud domain. ActiveEon employs the open source leaders who created and drive innovation for ProActive Parallel Suite, the de facto standard portable and powerful solution that finally integrates parallel java programming with job scheduling and a resource manager within everyone’s reach. ActiveEon also provides high-end services & professional support directly delivered to you by ProActive experts. We partner with systems integrators for challenging development projects and with ISVs for achieving portable OEM solutions. ActiveEon has strategic relationships with IT vendors such as HP, Oracle, Microsoft® and worldwide customers in many sectors including IT services, Finance, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Telco, Academia and Government.

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