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21 juin: Webinar Activeeon & Microsoft Azure « Le calcul intensif et le cloud au service de la recherche et de l'éducation » [Tuesday June, 5th 2018]
Teratec 2018, June 19-20 at Polytechnique, Palaiseau [Monday May, 28th 2018]

Activeeon is announced at Teratec 2018, on June 19-20, at the Polytechnique in Palaiseau, near Paris. Denis Caromel, Activeeon CEO will talk at the plenary session with the topic HPC with Hybrid Clouds for Critical Big Compute workloads on June 19th at 4 pm. Join us, the visitor badges are free!

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OW2con 2018, June 7-8 at Orange Gardens, Paris [Monday May, 28th 2018]

Meet Activeeon the annual meetup of OW2 open source community OW2con 2018, on June 7-8, Orange Gardens at Chatillon near Paris We will be presenting a keynote PEPS: CNES Sentinel Satellite Image Analysis, On-Premises and in the Cloud with ActiveEon with our customer from CNES PEPS project, Erwann Poupart.

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Big Data Paris, 12-13 March 2018 [Tuesday February, 13th 2018]

Meet Activeeon the annual conference Big Data Paris, on March 12-13, Palais des Congres at the booth D12!

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Paris Open Source Summit, 6-7 December 2017 [Tuesday November, 21st 2017]

Attend the largest Open Source community conference and meet Activeeon the annual Paris Open Source Summit, on Dec 6-7th at the Docks de Paris! We will be exhibiting together with OW2 at the booth C18-D19!
And don't forget to request your free access badge!

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Cloud Expo Europe Paris, 15-16 November 2017 [Friday November, 3rd 2017]

Do not miss our talk "Infinite computation power at your fingertips with Microsoft Azure and Activeeon" that will take place at the "IoT, Big Data and Analytics" conference, at Cloud Expo Europe in Paris, on the 15th November at 3.40 pm.

Need computation power for risk analysis, big data, artificial intelligence, research or simulations? These scenarios, often expensive and long to implement, become affordable thanks to on-demand infrastructure and a pay-as-you-go cloud usage model. Dive into Big Compute world with Microsoft Azure and ActiveEon Proactive in a simple way thanks to the integration with your legacy system.

Attend the conference talk by Christopher Pleiger from Microsoft Azure and Denis Caromel from Activeeon at the annual Cloud Expo Europe in Paris, Porte de Versailles!

More details about the event and the programme can be found on the Cloud Expo Europe website.

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OW2con'17, 26-27 June 2017 [Tuesday April, 18th 2017]

Meet Activeeon at the annual OW2con'17 convention! This year the convention is held on June 26-27, and is kindly hosted by Orange Gardens Innovation Center in Paris - Chatillon. The main theme for this year's conference is "New Challenges of Mainstream Open Source Software."

More details about the event and the programme can be found on the OW2 website.

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Teratec 2017, 27-28 June 2017 [Tuesday April, 18th 2017]

Teratec banner

Meet Activeeon at the annual Teratec event, that will be traditionally held at Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau. Teratec is the the largest european pole of competence in high performance simulation.

More details about the event and the programme can be found on the official website of Teratec.

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French Fintech Tour UK and Ireland, 4-6 April 2017, London & Dublin [Tuesday April, 4th 2017]

ActiveEon participates on 4-6 April in French Fintech Tour, organized by Business France.
The first part of the trip was held in Capgemini Offices in London, and the second - at Facebook European Headquarters in Dublin.

More details about the event and the programme can be found here.

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Cloud Computing World Expo, 22-23 March 2017, Paris, Porte de Versailles [Friday February, 17th 2017]

ActiveEon will be present at Cloud Computing World Expo in Paris, Porte de Versailles.
On the 22nd of March, Denis Caromel, ACtiveeon's CEO, and Brian Amedro, CTO, will be speakers at Open Cloud Forum by OW2. Activeeon team will share their expertise on following topics:
"Compose your own cloud services and integrate them to your legacy system" and "DevOps day after day: continuous design, tests, integration and deployment".

More details about the conference here.

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Cloud Expo Europe, 15-16 March, Excel London [Monday February, 13th 2017]

ActiveEon will exhibit at at Cloud Expo Europe London!
Cloud Expo Europe is Europes biggest, best attended and multi award-winning cloud and digital transformation show. This year, alongside Smart IoT, Cloud Security, Data Centre World and Big Data World, the show hosts 500 leading international technology exhibitors and 600 speakers.
ActiveEon will have a speaking opportunity to present its use case with its customer Legal & General about Digital Transformation & Solvency II Simulations for L&G: Optimizing, Accelerating and Migrating to the Cloud. Legal & General is engaged into a very innovative Digital Transformation, which goes from the services offered to its customers to the management of its IT Applications and Infrastructure. As part of this strategic evolution, this talk presents how L&G together with ActiveEon Software and Services was able to replace 2 schedulers (Tibco DataSynapse and IBM AlgoBatch) with ProActive Workflows & Scheduling, and migrate the Solvency application to the Azure Cloud. A key aspect has been the ability to pipeline CPU-intensive tasks with I/O intensive ones. This alone allowed for 10% overall savings in runtime and grid resources, and for the high priority risk reports to be made available to customers 3x faster than the previous solution (16 hours down to 5 hours).
More details and free registration here.

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Big Data Paris, 6-7 March, Palais des Congres [Monday February, 13th 2017]

Meet ActiveEon at at Big Data Paris 2017!
In the context of an increasing maturity of companies in terms of Big Data, the question of deployment and agile organization that places data in the heart of decision-making process becomes crucial. Also, an increasing power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence combined to Big Data offers brand new opportunities for application development in various areas: fraud detection, new customer experience, predictive analytics...
Use cases are needed to understand added value of different tools and solutions offered to companies in order to manage the value of their data. Learn more and get your free pass!

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IoT & Big Data Innovation & Business Day 6 December [Tuesday November, 22nd 2016]

Big Data + IoT: Come and hear about ActiveEon experience with international Customer Cases at IoT & Big Data Innovation & Business Day. Learn about how Big Data maximizes IoT potential and discover how to integrate, organize and analyze your Big data in order to increase performance and efficiency of your IoT initiatives.
Meet Iyad Alshabani, ActiveEon R&D Projects Manager during the morning conference. More info and free registration.

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Paris Open Source Summit 16-17 November [Wednesday November, 9th 2016]

Activeeon will be exhibiting for a second consecutive year at the Paris Open Source Summit on 16th and 17th November. We will be pleased to meet you at our "OW2 Village" C18-D19 booth to present our solution and to share our expertise in cloud migration and workload automation, digital transformation and distributed computing.
We will be presenting our demo "Automate your Cloud migration with ActiveEon Workflows & Scheduling", do not hesitate to come and see our software in action!
See exhibitors list
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AWS Enterpise Summit [Monday October, 17th 2016]

ActiveEon will be sponsoring the Parisian edition of the famous event that will take place at the Meridien Etoile on the 27th of October.
Visit us at our booth and learn about the easiest way to move your workload to the cloud thanks to Activeeon.
See the event page and register for free to visit here.

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Trophees de l'International du Numerique by Business France and French Tech [Monday October, 17th 2016]

ActiveEon has been selected a a nominee for International Digital Awards 2016 by the executive commitee of IE-Club. The ceremony will take place on the 19th of October at Business France Paris Headquarters.
15 innovative startups have been selected to give an elevator pitch during the event, and 3 of them will be awarded with a trophy.
See the entire list of innovative startups nominated here.
Register here.

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Innovatives Big Data CNRS [Thursday October, 13th 2016]

ActiveEon has been selected as part of innovative startups at Innovatives Big Data! We are holding a booth at the innovative startup area during the event at the CNRS Paris Headquarters.
The Innovatives Big Data 2016 organized by CNRS is a day event dedicated to Big Data that aims to show research achievements in this area that will change our lives, our practices and our society.
Major player of innovation, the CNRS has established an event series called Innovatives around transverse fields leading to innovation in 2020-2030.
Read more about the event here.

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ActiveEon will be part of IT Innovation Forum on 6th October 2016! [Tuesday September, 27th 2016]

ActiveEon is taking part in the IT Innovation Forum.
The 10th edition of the IT Innovation Forum will take place on the 6th of October starting at 8.30 a.m. at the Pavillon Royal in Paris.
IT Innovation Forum will be an occasion to talk about the most important trends in digital and IT innovation, as well as to discover new innovative solutions that are likely to meet your expectations and bring new opportunities.
Format of the event: 30 french and foreign innovative digital and IT solutions (start-ups, SMEs, niche players, etc...) are selected in advance by the jury of experts (innovation managers, CTOs and Venture Capitalists). The event offers dynamic and synthetic presentations from innovation laureates, as well as talks on big topics related to innovation. Visit the event page.

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Come to attend our talks at OW2con'16 on 21-22nd September at Mozilla Paris Space! [Friday September, 9th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending the OW2con'16 on September 21-22nd!
The main theme for this year's conference is "Code to Product: Addressing the delivery challenge of open source software." Denis Caromel, CEO, Brian Amedro, CTO and senior software engineers from Activeeon will conduct the talks. Discover full program here.
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Let's meet at Santa Clara (USA) AWS Summit! [Tuesday July, 12th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending the Santa Clara Edition of the AWS Summit in United States on 12-14 July.
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Register for the webinar "How to Automate your data processing in an agile way: Use Case of the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs" by Brian Amedro, on the 24th May, 11 a.m. [Thursday May, 12th 2016]

Brian Amedro, CTO at ActiveEon, will be giving a conference “How to Automate your data processing in an agile way: Use Case of the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs” (“Comment automatiser de façon Agile le traitement de vos données : cas client du Ministère de l’Intéterieur Anglais ”) on the 24th May at 11 a.m. The conference will be conducted in french.
Registration and program

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Meet ActiveEon at AWS Summit Paris 2016! [Monday May, 9th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending Amazon Web Services Summit Paris as a Bronze sponsor on the 31st of May, 2016. Come and meet us at the Carrousel du Louvre from 8.00 to 17.30.
More info

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ActiveEon at Cloud Week Paris 2016 [Thursday April, 14th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending the Cloud Week Paris on the 4-8 July, 2016.
More info

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Meet ActiveEon at Forum Teratec 2016 [Wednesday April, 13th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending the Teratec annual Forum on the 28-29th June, 2016.
More info

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Cloud Expo Europe 2016, ExCeL London [Tuesday April, 12th 2016]

ActiveEon participates at Cloud Expo Europe on the 12-13th of April, 2016.
More info

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Cloud Computing World Expo [Tuesday March, 22nd 2016]

ActiveEon exhibits at Cloud Computing World Expo Paris, 22-23rd of March, 2016.
More info

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Big Data Paris [Monday March, 7th 2016]

ActiveEon at Big Data Paris, 7-8th of March, 2016.
More info

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ActiveEon at Trity Technologies Training Center, Kuala Lumpur [Wednesday March, 25th 2015]

ActiveEon will give a two-day course at Trity Technologies Training Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on March 25th-26th, 2015. The course will provide a jump start on how to set up your own machine for parallel processing with Scilab. This training will focus on how to send parallel tasks from Scilab to speed up the computation time. More info

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Cloud Expo Europe, ExCeL London [Wednesday March, 11th 2015]

ActiveEon participates at Cloud Expo Europe on March 11th-12th, 2015, and will deliver the talk: "ProActive Cloud Automation: Workflow Scheduling &Orchestration", in OW2 Open Cloud Forum, part of the "Open Cloud Park".
To find out the latest Open Cloud solutions, come to the talk and visit us on OW2 booth! More info

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OpenStack Summit/OW2con'14, November 2015, Palais des Congrès, Paris [Tuesday November, 25th 2014]

Denis Caromel's, CEO & Brian Amedro's, CTO, talk at OpenStack Summit/OW2con'14, November 2015, Palais des Congrès, Paris.
"ProActive Cloud Automation: Workflow Scheduling & Orchestration"

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ActiveEon at OW2con'14/OpenStackSummit [Thursday October, 16th 2014]

ActiveEon participates at OW2con'14/OpenStackSummit on the 5th of November 2014. Denis Caromel, CEO, will speak about "ProActive Cloud Automation: Workflow Scheduling & Orchestration". Second Speaker: Brian Amedro, ActiveEon, CTO.
ProActive OW2 features management of heterogeneous private Clouds, with burst capacity on Data Center and Public clouds... More info

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ActiveEon at Teratec Forum 2014 [Tuesday July, 1st 2014]

Come and visit us at Teratec Forum,  Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau , July 1-2 2014                                   

Booth No 15.   More info


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Training with ActiveEon: HPC, Cloud [Tuesday June, 24th 2014]

Training: HPC, Cloud: "Which solution for which business? "  

June 24-25 2014, Paris, France, Location

Read more register  or  contact us


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ActiveEon at Solution Linux 2014 [Tuesday May, 20th 2014]


ActiveEon at Solution Linux, CNIT Paris La Défense, May 20-21 2014

Booth No D21 and, Numergy booth No C23.   More info


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Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Asset Issekeshev, Friday July 19th 2013, Nice Fran [Monday July, 22nd 2013]

Denis Caromel, ActiveEon CEO, met with Asset Issekeshev, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan on Friday July 19th 2013. Asset Issekeshev objective of his official visit in France is to reinforce collaboration between the two countries, especially in the domain of new technologies. ActiveEon got the privilege to meet with the Vice Prime Minister due to existing collaborations on Cloud computing between ActiveEon and companies in Astana, Kazakhstan capital. Asset Issekeshev was very enthusiastic about the existing relationships, and the discussions that took place shall reinforce ActiveEon positions in Kazakhstan.

Asset Issekeshev Web site: http://www.primeminister.kz/page/zamestitel-premer-ministra-ministr-industrii-i-novyh-tehnologij-isekeshev-aset-orentaevich?lang=en

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ActiveEon at Solutions Linux/Open Source on the 28th and 29th May 2013 at CNIT – Paris La Défense [Thursday April, 25th 2013]

The 15th edition of the Solutions Linux/Open Source Fair will, this year again, takes place at the Cnit, Paris La Défense, on the 28th and 29th of May 2013. ActiveEon will be present at this Trade Show.

Our participation is rich in term of new demonstration. The ProActive team will showcase the new features of ProActive Parallel Suite.

Also, you can attend the conference where Denis Caromel, CEO & Founder of ActiveEon will talk about “OW2 ProActive for Multi-Cloud Integration with GDF-Suez INEO”, 28th of May 2013.

Please come and visit us! We will be happy to meet you there!

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Visit ActiveEon’s profil on-line


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ProActive Parallel Suite 5.3.2 stable release is out, December 12th 2012! [Saturday December, 15th 2012]

On december 12th 2012, ActiveEon team has the great pleasure to announce a new stable version of ProActive Parallel Suite, featuring new advances for Grids and Clouds. Check out the Winter 2012 Newsletter


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ActiveEon at the Cloud & IT trade show from 23 to 25 October at Porte de Versailles, Paris [Tuesday October, 9th 2012]


ActiveEon, a professional Cloud Open Source software company for the orchestration of applications and infrastructure optimization, will attend the 2nd edition of the Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Infrastructure secure trade show.

The Cloud & IT trade show will be open from 23 to 25 October 2012 at Porte de Versailles, Paris. ActiveEon will present its solution, ProActive Parallel Suite, and the latest features of the new October release.

In the context of tight IT budgets, of demands for ever stronger application performance, of the explosion of data volumes, middleware solutions interactions between needs and resources in distributed environments are a major response to the challenge of infrastructure rationalization and intensive computing.

Decision-makers? You should to do "more with what you already have," of ProActive Parallel Suite one of the few integrated solutions to meet the needs of the end users, developers and administrators. It will help you!

All the ActiveEon team will happy to welcome you at booth n° F32. For a customized demonstration, do not hesitate to send us an email at: myactiveeon@activeeon.com

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