Cloud Computing World Expo, 22-23 March 2017, Paris, Porte de Versailles [Friday February, 17th 2017]

ActiveEon will be present at Cloud Computing World Expo in Paris, Porte de Versailles.
On the 22nd of March, Denis Caromel, ACtiveeon's CEO, and Brian Amedro, CTO, will be speakers at Open Cloud Forum by OW2. Activeeon team will share their expertise on following topics:
"Compose your own cloud services and integrate them to your legacy system" and "DevOps day after day: continuous design, tests, integration and deployment".

More details about the conference here.

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Cloud Expo Europe, 15-16 March, Excel London [Monday February, 13th 2017]

ActiveEon will exhibit at at Cloud Expo Europe London!
Cloud Expo Europe is Europes biggest, best attended and multi award-winning cloud and digital transformation show. This year, alongside Smart IoT, Cloud Security, Data Centre World and Big Data World, the show hosts 500 leading international technology exhibitors and 600 speakers.
ActiveEon will have a speaking opportunity to present its use case with its customer Legal & General about Digital Transformation & Solvency II Simulations for L&G: Optimizing, Accelerating and Migrating to the Cloud. Legal & General is engaged into a very innovative Digital Transformation, which goes from the services offered to its customers to the management of its IT Applications and Infrastructure. As part of this strategic evolution, this talk presents how L&G together with ActiveEon Software and Services was able to replace 2 schedulers (Tibco DataSynapse and IBM AlgoBatch) with ProActive Workflows & Scheduling, and migrate the Solvency application to the Azure Cloud. A key aspect has been the ability to pipeline CPU-intensive tasks with I/O intensive ones. This alone allowed for 10% overall savings in runtime and grid resources, and for the high priority risk reports to be made available to customers 3x faster than the previous solution (16 hours down to 5 hours).
More details and free registration here.

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Big Data Paris, 6-7 March, Palais des Congres [Monday February, 13th 2017]

Meet ActiveEon at at Big Data Paris 2017!
In the context of an increasing maturity of companies in terms of Big Data, the question of deployment and agile organization that places data in the heart of decision-making process becomes crucial. Also, an increasing power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence combined to Big Data offers brand new opportunities for application development in various areas: fraud detection, new customer experience, predictive analytics...
Use cases are needed to understand added value of different tools and solutions offered to companies in order to manage the value of their data. Learn more and get your free pass!

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Best Christmas wishes from ActiveEon! GraphQL, job & task Variables, synchronous & asynchronous chaining of jobs [Wednesday December, 21st 2016]
ProActive Workflows & Scheduling 7.20 is out! [Monday December, 5th 2016]
IoT & Big Data Innovation & Business Day 6 December [Tuesday November, 22nd 2016]

Big Data + IoT: Come and hear about ActiveEon experience with international Customer Cases at IoT & Big Data Innovation & Business Day. Learn about how Big Data maximizes IoT potential and discover how to integrate, organize and analyze your Big data in order to increase performance and efficiency of your IoT initiatives.
Meet Iyad Alshabani, ActiveEon R&D Projects Manager during the morning conference. More info and free registration.

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Activeeon invites you to the Paris Open Source Summit [Wednesday November, 9th 2016]
Paris Open Source Summit 16-17 November [Wednesday November, 9th 2016]

Activeeon will be exhibiting for a second consecutive year at the Paris Open Source Summit on 16th and 17th November. We will be pleased to meet you at our "OW2 Village" C18-D19 booth to present our solution and to share our expertise in cloud migration and workload automation, digital transformation and distributed computing.
We will be presenting our demo "Automate your Cloud migration with ActiveEon Workflows & Scheduling", do not hesitate to come and see our software in action!
See exhibitors list
Register here

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Activeeon is pleased to invite you to AWS Enterprise Summit Paris [Thursday October, 20th 2016]
AWS Enterpise Summit [Monday October, 17th 2016]

ActiveEon will be sponsoring the Parisian edition of the famous event that will take place at the Meridien Etoile on the 27th of October.
Visit us at our booth and learn about the easiest way to move your workload to the cloud thanks to Activeeon.
See the event page and register for free to visit here.

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Trophees de l'International du Numerique by Business France and French Tech [Monday October, 17th 2016]

ActiveEon has been selected a a nominee for International Digital Awards 2016 by the executive commitee of IE-Club. The ceremony will take place on the 19th of October at Business France Paris Headquarters.
15 innovative startups have been selected to give an elevator pitch during the event, and 3 of them will be awarded with a trophy.
See the entire list of innovative startups nominated here.
Register here.

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Innovatives Big Data CNRS [Thursday October, 13th 2016]

ActiveEon has been selected as part of innovative startups at Innovatives Big Data! We are holding a booth at the innovative startup area during the event at the CNRS Paris Headquarters.
The Innovatives Big Data 2016 organized by CNRS is a day event dedicated to Big Data that aims to show research achievements in this area that will change our lives, our practices and our society.
Major player of innovation, the CNRS has established an event series called Innovatives around transverse fields leading to innovation in 2020-2030.
Read more about the event here.

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ActiveEon will be part of IT Innovation Forum on 6th October 2016! [Tuesday September, 27th 2016]

ActiveEon is taking part in the IT Innovation Forum.
The 10th edition of the IT Innovation Forum will take place on the 6th of October starting at 8.30 a.m. at the Pavillon Royal in Paris.
IT Innovation Forum will be an occasion to talk about the most important trends in digital and IT innovation, as well as to discover new innovative solutions that are likely to meet your expectations and bring new opportunities.
Format of the event: 30 french and foreign innovative digital and IT solutions (start-ups, SMEs, niche players, etc...) are selected in advance by the jury of experts (innovation managers, CTOs and Venture Capitalists). The event offers dynamic and synthetic presentations from innovation laureates, as well as talks on big topics related to innovation. Visit the event page.

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ProActive 7.17 just released! Joint talk with Orange this week @OW2con [Monday September, 19th 2016]
Come to attend our talks at OW2con'16 on 21-22nd September at Mozilla Paris Space! [Friday September, 9th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending the OW2con'16 on September 21-22nd!
The main theme for this year's conference is "Code to Product: Addressing the delivery challenge of open source software." Denis Caromel, CEO, Brian Amedro, CTO and senior software engineers from Activeeon will conduct the talks. Discover full program here.
Register to attend

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Transition your workload to the Cloud with ActiveEon [Monday July, 25th 2016]
Let's meet at Santa Clara (USA) AWS Summit! [Tuesday July, 12th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending the Santa Clara Edition of the AWS Summit in United States on 12-14 July.
Register to attend

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Big Compute, Big Data, Cloud-Based HPC: The Convergence [Wednesday June, 22nd 2016]
Interview with Denis Caromel on CCI TV Nice Cote d'Azur, in "3 minutes avec..." format [Friday June, 10th 2016]

Member of French Tech Cote d'Azur and Open Source solutions provider in the field of distributed and parallel computation on Grids and Clouds, ActiveEon has developed an innovative HPC software.

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ActiveEon's Workflows and Scheduling is now available on AWS Marketplace! [Monday May, 30th 2016]
ActiveEon at AWS Summit Paris, @Carrousel du Louvre [Tuesday May, 17th 2016]
Save the date!
Register for the webinar "How to Automate your data processing in an agile way: Use Case of the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs" by Brian Amedro, on the 24th May, 11 a.m. [Thursday May, 12th 2016]

Brian Amedro, CTO at ActiveEon, will be giving a conference “How to Automate your data processing in an agile way: Use Case of the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs” (“Comment automatiser de façon Agile le traitement de vos données : cas client du Ministère de l’Intéterieur Anglais ”) on the 24th May at 11 a.m. The conference will be conducted in french.
Registration and program

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Meet ActiveEon at AWS Summit Paris 2016! [Monday May, 9th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending Amazon Web Services Summit Paris as a Bronze sponsor on the 31st of May, 2016. Come and meet us at the Carrousel du Louvre from 8.00 to 17.30.
More info

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Platform Boost: John Bensalhia speaks to CEO and founder of ActiveEon, Denis Caromel about collaboration with the Home Office Immigration Platform [Monday April, 18th 2016]

Platform Boost: John Bensalhia speaks to CEO and founder of ActiveEon, Denis Caromel about collaboration with the Home Office Immigration Platform

02.03.16 - Cloud Expo Europe   

Cloud This year's Cloud Security Expo will feature a session on the involvement of ActiveEon in the Home Office Immigration Platform. Along with Neil Butler, Home Office's programme director for digital transformation and Programme Director for Digital Transformation, and John Holben, Home Office's solution architect, will be Denis Caromel, CEO and founder of the ActiveEon company.


Denis has great experience in the speaking field, having given many invited talks on Cloud, Parallel and Distributed Computing worldwide (including locations such as Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Berkeley, Stanford, NASA Langley, IBM Tom Watson and Zurich). He acted as keynote speaker at several major conferences including MDM, DAPSYS 2008, CGW'08, Shanghai CCGrid 2009, IEEE ICCP'09, ICPADS 2009 in Hong Kong. Recently, he has given many invited talks: for example at Devoxx (to an audience of around 3500 people), an invited conference on Cloud at Expo Universal 2010 Shanghai, and at Open Stack Summit in Santa Clara.


So how does ActiveEon fit into the Home Office Immigration Platform picture? The story goes back to the early part of 2014, when Home Office significantly updated and refreshed legacy systems that would modernise Immigration Platform Technologies (IPT). This was achieved by developing and testing a Shared Service Bus (SSB) and a Common Data Platform (CDP). These were devised to support communication between Immigration and Enforcement systems.


The SSB supports communication between various immigration and enforcement systems, whilst the CDP creates a lone, consistent view of immigration and related data. The aim of this is twofold: to lower data inconsistency issues and to close down legacy systems after their data is transferred to the CDP. All services are hosted in the Cloud, using the Skyscape Cloud Services.


“To issue an entry visa to foreigners is no longer a matter of paper forms,” says Denis. “The United Kingdom Home Office is updating the process to accommodate with the growing migrant flows and with many rules, including digital first”. “The online application service for visas, a business intelligence platform to decide or not to attribute a Visa to a worldwide applicant, relies on ActiveEon solutions ProActive Workflows and Scheduling, and Cloud Automation”.


Denis adds that the Home Office Digital Immigration Platform Technologies have recently received several awards, including one from the British Computer Society about cloud technologies best practices.


Denis says that there are many key benefits of the Immigration Platform. These include: a scalable platform with very high availability; efficient access to the most recent data; and automation workflows with data integration. Other major gains include data consistency vision; programme execution optimisation; complete traceability; and software cost savings.


As a software editor, ActiveEon provides its cutting edge solution ProActive Workflows and Scheduling to orchestrate and fully automate Data Integration in the Cloud. ActiveEon workflows run in fully automatic mode up to every five minutes. This ensures consistent data integration, and also allows for unexpected problems or events.


Denis explains: “ActiveEon is a worldwide leader in Cloud IT Workload management, data integration, and automation for the following: Scheduling and orchestration of IT and big data workloads; Big data processing and analytics; and Automation of applications and services in private, public, hybrid Clouds.”


In addition, ActiveEon orchestrates Talend solutions for Data Integration. The programme also uses NETbuilder services for design, creation, support and management of the full life cycle of environments.


“ActiveEon brings business speed, scale, and reliability to international customers”, says Denis. “These include CEA, L‘OREAL, SAFRAN, SeaEngineering (US), AxisPoint Health (McKesson, US), and Home Office (UK Ministry of Interior).”


The recent developments were achieved using Agile methodology. In addition to Agile in the software development methods, it was also used in the technology selection and acquisition of software providers. This resulted in speedy delivery, and furthermore with significant savings.


“Within ActiveEon, driven by our customer demands, we just released a new version with full DOCKER support”, concludes Denis. “ There will be several important use cases taking advantage of that technology in the near future.”


Direct link
Le Journal des Telecoms - April 2016 [Friday April, 15th 2016]
ActiveEon at Cloud Week Paris 2016 [Thursday April, 14th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending the Cloud Week Paris on the 4-8 July, 2016.
More info

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Meet ActiveEon at Forum Teratec 2016 [Wednesday April, 13th 2016]

ActiveEon will be attending the Teratec annual Forum on the 28-29th June, 2016.
More info

Direct link
Cloud Expo Europe 2016, ExCeL London [Tuesday April, 12th 2016]

ActiveEon participates at Cloud Expo Europe on the 12-13th of April, 2016.
More info

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News On Line Press TV: Denis Caromel speaking about ActiveEon technnology use cases at the Cloud Computing World Expo Paris [Monday April, 11th 2016]
ActiveEon at Cloud Expo Europe April 12-13, ExCeL London [Thursday April, 7th 2016]
Cloud Computing World Expo [Tuesday March, 22nd 2016]

ActiveEon exhibits at Cloud Computing World Expo Paris, 22-23rd of March, 2016.
More info

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Big Data Paris [Monday March, 7th 2016]

ActiveEon at Big Data Paris, 7-8th of March, 2016.
More info

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ActiveEon, supported by Business France, orchestrates and accelerates processing of thousands of Amazon nodes for a new Israeli customer [Friday February, 26th 2016]

ActiveEon, supported by Business France, orchestrates and accelerates processing of thousands of Amazon nodes for a new Israeli customer

25.02.16 - Primeur Weekly Magazine   

Nuages 25 Feb 2016 Paris, Tel Aviv - Thanks to Business France Tel Aviv support, ActiveEon's Workflows & Scheduling product is now largely used by a new Israeli customer. With ActiveEon's solutions, an Israeli finance company is optimizing its analyses of stock-exchange quotations in order to take the best position for its customers. This Algorithmic Trading platform orchestrated by ActiveEon runs on thousands of nodes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform.


From the 31st January to the 4th February, Business France organized, in partnership with the French Ministry of Economy, French Tech and French Clusters - Cap Digital, Systematic, Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées, Minalogic, Imaginove, Images & Réseaux, Poles TES, an export trip in Israel - Tel Aviv and Haifa - focused on Big Data & IoT. The ActiveEon company, which is developing its business in Israel, participated to the journey.


Yael Haouzi, Head of High-Tech, Innovation and Services at Business France Tel Aviv, stated: "Our local presence allows us to have a good knowledge of economic players in this country. In a short period of time we succeeded in reaching our Israeli contacts according to criteria established with ActiveEon."


Francois Tournesac, Chief Sales Officer at ActiveEon, stated: "We were impressed with the quality of Business France support in Tel Aviv. As we work with advanced technologies, it isn't always simple for us to find potential customers and right persons to speak to. Within 4 days, Business France has arranged for us more than 20 different meetings, and all of them were perfectly qualified."


The results came very quickly. Only 3 weeks after these first meetings, ActiveEon has signed a contract with a new customer in Tel Aviv and providing support to lead them to the production stage.


The new ActiveEon customer, whose name remains confidential for the moment, is a private innovative fast-growing company, established in 2015. It aims to become a leading player on finance marketplaces by developing advanced analyses for Algo Trading investments. Backed by its talented team, the company develops advanced technologies involving Big Data and Machine Learning. Coupled with an in-depth comprehension of the financial arena, the company develops algorithms for cutting-edge automated orders.


Thanks to ActiveEon's Workflows & Scheduling solution, the company can now conduct its financial analysis in a very simple way using thousands of nodes on Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS), not needing an expensive infrastructure, and can also easily transfer its data towards and from the Amazon S3 storage.


ActiveEon schedules and orchestrates data processing, automatically manages network failures and guarantees fault-tolerance. Moreover, it allows to optimize the number of virtual machines which are used on AWS and their cost.


Denis Caromel, CEO of ActiveEon, stated: "Large scale efficiency of our solutions has perfectly fitted high capacity and high speed requirements for such financial analysis. Moreover, reliability and agility of our solutions, providing rich and flexible APIs were particularly appreciated by the customer."

The Israeli customer stated about the ActiveEon solution: "The ActiveEon solution is incredibly simple to implement. It allows us to achieve very big configurations with efficiency, agility, and to control Cloud infrastructure costs thanks to their advanced scheduling. We also have the possibility to choose the most appropriate supplier at any time - Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc."


Direct link
ActiveEon, supported by Business France, wins a new Israeli customer: 1000 Nodes on AWS [Thursday February, 25th 2016]
ActiveEon, supported by Business France, Orchestrates and Accelerates processing of thousands of Amazon nodes for a new Israeli customer [Thursday February, 25th 2016]
ActiveEon, accompagné par Business France, orchestre et accélère les traitements sur des milliers de nœuds Amazon pour son [Thursday February, 25th 2016]
אקטיביון, בשיתוף פעולה עם הלשכה המסחרית הצרפתית, מארגנת ומאיצה את התהליך של אלפי קצוות רשת (Nodes) באמזון עבור לקוח ישראלי חדש [Thursday February, 25th 2016]
New Major Release 7.3 with Full Docker Support... Use Case: Stock Market trading: 1 000 Nodes on Amazon! [Sunday January, 31st 2016]


ActiveEon automatise et accélère le Big Data des Grands Groupes et des Ministères [Friday December, 18th 2015]
ActiveEon: Market Award 2015 pour sa plateforme Cloud Big Data [Wednesday December, 9th 2015]
ActiveEon au coeur de la sécurité des Visas du Ministère de l'Intérieur Anglais [Thursday November, 26th 2015]
New Major Release - Open Source Summit - UK Immigration Use Case [Monday November, 16th 2015]
Talks & Demos at Open Source Summit - UK Immigration Use Case [Friday November, 13th 2015]
ActiveEon products available worldwide on Microsoft AZURE [Wednesday June, 17th 2015]
ActiveEon at Trity Technologies Training Center, Kuala Lumpur [Wednesday March, 25th 2015]

ActiveEon will give a two-day course at Trity Technologies Training Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on March 25th-26th, 2015. The course will provide a jump start on how to set up your own machine for parallel processing with Scilab. This training will focus on how to send parallel tasks from Scilab to speed up the computation time. More info

Direct link
Cloud Expo Europe, ExCeL London [Wednesday March, 11th 2015]

ActiveEon participates at Cloud Expo Europe on March 11th-12th, 2015, and will deliver the talk: "ProActive Cloud Automation: Workflow Scheduling &Orchestration", in OW2 Open Cloud Forum, part of the "Open Cloud Park".
To find out the latest Open Cloud solutions, come to the talk and visit us on OW2 booth! More info

Direct link
Big Data: Fast Machine Learning with Docker and ProActive [Friday March, 6th 2015]

Can't see or read images? View email in a browser

Big Data: Fast Machine Learning with Docker and ProActive
See how Big Data processing can be easily achieved using ActiveEon Open Source software,
in the context of integrated fast deployment in Docker container. We present in this Blog a typical Machine Learning application that is using the Statistical R Language: it predicts the monthly returns of the Standard & Poor's 500, S&P500, stock market index, using SVM classification in a financial context.
Check out how easy , fast , and portable it is: Read the Blog . Watch the video

When and Where to meet us next

We're really looking forward to Big Data ( March 10-11 ) and Cloud Expo Europe ( March 11-12 , ExCeL London). We hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you haven't yet registered for the event, apply for a free ticket today! See information below.
If you have any question, please contact me: Elisabeth Thery, User Support , mail , LinkedIn .
  • Paris Big Data
Big Data Congress, March 10-11 , CNIT Paris.
More info Paris Big data
  • See us in London at CEE
Cloud Expo Europe, ExCeL London, March 11-12.
Invited talk by our CEO & CTO: ProActive Cloud Automation: workflow scheduling & orchestration
More info Cloud Expo Europe
  • BA06 EVENT
Forum for innovative companies, March 18th, Nice CCI.
More info about BA06 event
  • Malaysia Training
The training date are 25-26 March, Kuala Lumpur.
More info here

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Discover On-Line the new features of ProActive V6.1 - January 2015 [Thursday January, 29th 2015]

       Discover On-Line the new features of ProActive V6.1, January 2015
        See us in : London (Uk), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
ActiveEon wish you a Happy New Year!
In 2015, you can continue to count on us to help you with all your projects

Discover On-Line the new features of ProActive V6.1, January 2015.
Try the brand new ProActive V6.1 version, and discover the latest features our three core products:
. ProActive Workflows & Scheduling
. ProActive Parallel Scientific Toolbox
. ProActive Cloud Automation
Try it now!

Malaysia Training,
The training date are 25-26 March 2015, Kuala Lumpur.
More info here

See us in London at CEE
Cloud Expo Europe, ExCeL London, March 11-12, 2015.
More info here

. Validating the ProActive Workflow Studio : Web UI testing with Nightwatch.js and Selenium. See how we tested and validated the SaaS Workflow UI using Selenium to perform actions (click, type text…) and checks, and Nightwatch.js command-line test runner to make it easy to run tests and generate useful output.
. Speeding up web app deployment in Jetty: When the ProActive Workflows and Scheduling server is started, no fewer than 5 web applications are deployed in the embedded Jetty servlet container. It was taking some time (a few seconds) and we decided to improve it.

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OpenStack Summit/OW2con'14, November 2015, Palais des Congrès, Paris [Tuesday November, 25th 2014]

Denis Caromel's, CEO & Brian Amedro's, CTO, talk at OpenStack Summit/OW2con'14, November 2015, Palais des Congrès, Paris.
"ProActive Cloud Automation: Workflow Scheduling & Orchestration"

Direct link
ActiveEon at OW2con'14/OpenStackSummit [Thursday October, 16th 2014]

ActiveEon participates at OW2con'14/OpenStackSummit on the 5th of November 2014. Denis Caromel, CEO, will speak about "ProActive Cloud Automation: Workflow Scheduling & Orchestration". Second Speaker: Brian Amedro, ActiveEon, CTO.
ProActive OW2 features management of heterogeneous private Clouds, with burst capacity on Data Center and Public clouds... More info

Direct link