Parallel Computing in Scilab

The best solution to solve complex engineering problems.

Scilab Parallel is a new Open Source innovative solution for all parallel, distributed computing. Scilab parallel will give you a possibility to launch simulations on multicore machines, or clusters of computers to reduce time of calculations.

ProActive Distributed Scilab will speed up your business

ProActive Distributed Scilab will help you accelerate your computations using all your resources.

ProActive Distributed Scilab allows distributed and remote execution of Scilab computations directly from the Scilab environment. It provides the same functionalities as the Matlab integration described above and furthermore the same API, allowing users to switch very easily from one connector to the other.

Scilab is a free, open source equivalent to Matlab. It offers the same basic functionalities such as easy matrix manipulation, implementation of algorithms, interfacing. It is known as Matlab’s best open source alternative.

ProActive Distributed Scilab comes as a standard ATOMS Scilab Module, which connects to ProActive Workflows & Scheduling.

Why Scilab parallel solution offered by ActiveEon is a good idea for your business?

Parallel Scilab for scientific and engineering environment will let you shorten computation time by using all your possible resources. Scilab parallel will provide users with capacity to distribute executions and manage data transfers on other Desktop machines, Clusters, Grids and Clouds. It will be the best solution to face the increase of memory requirement.

Learn more about Scilab parallel and try our products online. You will get a free 30 days access to our ProActive Cloud platform with all indispensable tutorials. We will provide you a professional support during 10 days, if you will decide to deploy your Scilab parallel environment yourself. Take part in our customized webinar by booking it online.

Engineers and experts from ActiveEon will do their best to save your time, money and speed up your business!

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