The ProActive Suite

Scale Beyond limits

The ProActive Suite

The solution provided by Activeeon is suited to fit modern challenges such as the growth of data, new infrastructures, cloud strategy evolving, new application architecture, etc. It provides orchestration and scheduling to automate and build a solid base for future growth.

Screenshot ProActive Workflows and Scheduling

Workflows & Scheduling

Workload scheduler (IT Workload Automation) that distributes and orchestrates applications to govern and accelerate their execution. It includes a workflow studio and resource manager.

It is the core of all the solutions provided. more…

Big Data Automation

Screenshot ProActive Big Data Automation

Orchestration and acceleration of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning frameworks (Hadoop, R, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Spotfire, SAS, Anaconda, Greenplum, etc.) on-prem and all clouds. more…

Cloud Automation

Screenshot ProActive Cloud Automation

Management and automation of complex and multi-VM applications and services on hybrid and multi-cloud: AWS, Azure, GCP, VMware, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc. more…

ML Open Studio

Screenshot ProActive Machine Learning Open Studio

Design of Machine Learning Workflows in an open studio. Govern execution and select appropriate resource at each stage. more…

A solution for everyone

IT Operation

Run everywhere and automate batch processes On premise, in the cloud, or hybrid, multi-cloud

Workload Automation for everyone, everywhere

Application Manager

Match your business with a solution that integrates with any business application.

Flexible platform for custom integration


Include orchestration, automation and control within any application.

Comprehensive Rest API, SDK, CLI

What for?

Migrate to the cloud

Leverage hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Connect applications, services and setup complete pipelines for automation and business processes.

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Automate your IT projects

Enable advanced automation on multi-cloud environments to build a strong IT basis required for growth.

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Accelerate Algorithms

Unlock the full capacity of business datacenters, HPC, private clouds and public clouds to accelerate algorithms and applications. With an interface accessible to business line users, enable them to leverage the full compute capacity and accelerate innovation.

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