Workload automation in the Cloud

Move your scheduling and automation to the cloud

A cloud-ready Solution

Leverage hybrid and multi-cloud environments with resilient workflows.
Connect applications, orchestrate services and setup complete pipelines for automation and business processes.

Embrace the cloud opportunity with an agnostic solution

Activeeon offers its service and expertise to help you migrate and schedule your IT and business workloads on the cloud and manage them with our workload automation and scheduling solution.

We help you identify applications to migrate, test, implement and guide you on the most appropriate resources.

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Extend your datacenter with public and private clouds

Setup any hybrid and multi-cloud strategy

Scheduling and distributing applications is not anymore limited to a single datacenter. Companies are leveraging one or multiple clouds to provide business users with the capacity and variety required for innovation.

Schedulers and orchestrators have to follow this trend to enable users to build resilient workflows at scale which includes actions on multiple environments.

For that purpose, the scheduler and orchestrator need to support hybrid and multi-cloud IT strategies as Activeeon’s ProActive solution does. Indeed, ProActive includes multiple features such as:

  • A resource manager abstracting away the underlying resource
  • Specific cloud connectors to easily access dynamic cloud resources
  • A soft router to access secured environments

Resource aware solution for cost optimization

Cloud migration also includes a lot of concern about costs. Traditional IT has not focused as much on reducing the consumption of resources since the datacenter was related to operating expenditures (capex) and servers were already bought. With the cloud, new best practices need to be implemented.

ProActive from Activeeon includes a Resource Manager which enables more control and visibility over the consumption of resource capacity. It is now possible to identify wastes and setup smart processes.

Activeeon’s solution includes features relevant for this purpose such as:

  • A resource monitoring system to understand the consumption of resources
  • Smart elastic policies which fetches new resources when the load increases and releases them when it is finished

In the journey to digital transformation, optimizing resource consumption is key to reduce the overall TCO (total cost of ownership) and fully benefits from the cloud opportunity.

Optimize resource utilization with a resource aware solution

Abstract away underlying resources

Abstract away resources for more flexibility

As the cloud market is still evolving, technologies are changing and prices are likely to change. It is now clear that companies will not opt for a single cloud provider for multiple reasons such as: price leverage, vendor lock-in risk reduction, leverage each provider best technology, etc.

Activeeon solution includes a level of abstraction between the actual workflow representing the business process and the resource. For most standard workloads, the solution will consistently execute the task with no regard of the underlying resource.

Finally, even if resources are abstracted, ProActive includes a selection script feature that enables business users to setup their requirements. For instance, it is possible to target a specific host, to request GPU, to request a specific amount of RAM, etc.

Docker enabled solution

Being agnostic to the underlying resource may have an impact on processes with specific requirements. As mentioned above, a selection script enables users to select the appropriate hardware. To go a step further, Docker is the perfect solution to standardize the environment with appropriate libraries and ensure consistent execution on any computing resource.

Activeeon ProActive is Docker-enabled. This ensures each task is run within the appropriate environment on any resource.

Embrace Docker for full workload portability
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Migrate to the cloud

Main drivers to try cloud technologies

The main drivers for companies are:

  • Identify disaster recovery solutions
  • Optimize overall TCO
  • Expand tests with the cloud variety of resources
  • Identify multi-cloud solutions
  • Access “infinite” compute capacity

Where to start?

In partnership with Microsoft, we’ve setup the Azure PoC in the Box program with multiple purposes for companies:

  • Test integration with the cloud
  • Estimate costs and compare overall TCO
  • Setup elastic resource policies with embedded smart connectors

Contact us to discuss your use cases and define a PoC objectives.

Enroll PoC in the Box program with Microsoft Azure