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Seamless HPC and AI workload management with Activeeon, HPE, and Intel

HPE, Intel, together with Activeeon and in the framework of HPE GreenLake, allow end-users, developers and data scientists to run pure HPC, pure AI and converged HPC/AI workflows, and to extend this environment to seamlessly manage workloads and data across off-premises managed cloud and public cloud systems. more...

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Activeeon Training

Learn how to use ProActive Workflows & Scheduling and ProActive AI Orchestration in 5 training sessions more...

[MetaGenoPolis] Microbiome analytics orchestration

Our microbiota is a key actor between food and our body and a major actor in well-being, health and desease more...

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Service Orchestration and Workload Automation: Why Activeeon?

Automating IT systems at large scale can be a big challenge due to the complexity and the specificity of each IT infrastructure more...

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ProActive AI Orchestration

Accelerate development and deployment of artificial intelligence models more...

Demo ProActive AI Orchestration
Demo ProActive AI Orchestration

Leverage a studio to build custom Machine Learning workflows, scale and a production ready solution. more...