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ProActive AI Orchestration from Activeeon is a workflow solution enabling deployment and scalability of artificial intelligence and machine learning models on any type of infrastructure. ProActive AI Orchestration is an open source platform that simplifies and accelerates machine learning industrialization. Created for data scientists and data engineers, the solution is simple to use and fits data professionals’ specific needs. Workflows enable users to manage machine learning pipelines through development lifecycle.

Main features

  • Distributed approach to scalability of machine learning and deep learning pipelines
  • Cloud-ready with resource manager
  • Scheduling of applications
  • Resilient and multi-langage workflows
  • Consistent and reusable machine learning pipelines
  • Automated deployment of machine learning workflows
  • Auto ML, incremental AI
  • Python integration with a dedicated API
  • Direct execution from Jupyter with ActiveEon Kernel
  • Execution over CPU, GPU, FPGA
  • Versioning control and traceability over code and data
  • and more.

Download this Product Sheet to have the full overview of the solution.

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