Automate, Accelerate & Scale: Workflows, Scheduling for IT

Orchestration & Scheduling

Optimize executions with key features such as queueing, planification and fault tolerance. Share your resources among many users with priorities and accounting. Develop in Agile mode, with advanced features for DevOps.

Accelerate your jobs

Workflows allow easy task parallelization (Java, script, native), running them on resources matching constraints (Multi-CPU, GPU, data locality, library). Orchestrate, accelerate Big Compute and Big Data analytics (R, Spark, Hadoop, Spark, Spotfire, SAS, Python, Machine Learning, etc.).

Open Source

By nature, Open Source software bring Transparency, Perennity, Interoperability and Flexibility. These values are the basis for us to build a relationship of trust with our clients. Available On-Premise, as well as on your own Private Cloud and on major Public Clouds. Visit Hub and Community.

Data Analytics and ETL Orchestration

Cross-platform ETL Automation, with file transfer capabilities. A scalable solution, with automatic error resolution, that automates Analytic Processes (such as TIBCO Spotfire, SAS, Python Anaconda, Hadoop, etc.), and any ETLs (SAS, IBM, Oracle OWB, SAP, Talend, etc.)

Simple & Flexible

Intuitive web interfaces are provided to design and execute your job workflows, and manage your resources. A powerful API (REST and Java) allows easy integration within your solution. ActiveEon serves customers in all industries and domains, including Finance & Insurance, Telco, Engineering, BioTech & Health, Government, Media, IoT, Machine Learning.

Save on staff, infrastructure & Clouds

Federate your existing resources (servers, clusters, virtualized infrastructures), add extra resources from any Clouds. Reduce staff time and IT costs with business-driven elasticity and optimal compacted execution.

ProActive Automation and Orchestration Solutions

Activeeon offers Open Source solutions (visit Hub and Community) for job scheduling, automation and scalability of IT, Big Data - Analytics - AI - Machine Learning, the Internet of things (IoT). Our software will help you speed up business workloads (with distribution & parallelization), and will also greatly help you for Cloud migration.

Discover our main Products and Solutions:

proactive workflows and scheduling

Workflows & Scheduling

Complete workload scheduler (IT Workload Automation) that distributes applications to accelerate their execution, featuring a powerful workflow orchestrator and a resource manager. Learn more...>

proactive big data automation

Big Data Automation

Orchestration and acceleration of all Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning frameworks (Hadoop, R, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Spotfire, SAS, Anaconda, Greenplum...) on-prem and all clouds. Learn more...>

proactive cloud automation

Cloud Automation

Management and automation of complex and multi-VM applications and services, handling with high availability all hybrid Clouds, VMware, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc. Learn more...>

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