Workflow scheduling: Key solution in the management of workflows

Workflow scheduling is a process that maps and manages execution of inter-dependent tasks on distributed resources. Living in a new era of network based computing, where the resources are distributed over the network and shared among users, proper workflow scheduling can have a significant impact on the performance of your system. Our team offers its solutions of management of workflow execution.

Why to choose workflow solutions for job scheduling?

Our job scheduling software is open source, which brings transparency, interoperability and flexibility - the most important values to build a relationship of trust with our clients.

Workflow scheduling is based on job scheduling with dependencies to accelerate your work. Your tasks will be optimized thanks to the key features, such as queueing, planification and fault tolerance. We will let you share your resources with many users with priorities and accounting.

Discover our services of workflow scheduling and enjoy our high-value services with consulting, trainings and support. We will do our best to provide you with the highest level of usability, reliability and security for your most important applications. You will get simple and flexible solutions, easy to execute your job workflows and manage your resources. Our services will let you save up money, federate your existing resources (clusters, virtualized infrastructures, desktop machines) and add extra resources from clouds.

Think about workflow scheduling to be sure that all your data in cloud are in good hands! Try our solutions during 30 days and get a free access to our ProActive Cloud platform. Take advantage of free support during 10 days and deploy your cloud yourself, or participate in a personal webinar, saving time and getting a personal presentation.

Build workflows to accelerate jobs and ease maintenance

Workflows are a representation of your distributed computations. Consisting of the definition of one or more tasks (native executables, scripts, Java) and their dependencies, you can set advanced flow controls such as replication, conditional branching and loops. Worklfows allow easy task parallelization to accelerate jobs and reduce costs.

Web portals: Everything from your web browser

We provide “Studio” and Scheduler web interfaces dedicated to users running job workflows. You can build and submit jobs, monitor their execution and retrieve results. Remote visualization allows connection to your interactive tasks with graphical interfaces. Progress of workflows execution is visible from the web portal. Resource Manager interface allows administrators to operate the platform and users to monitor their resources. All of these operations are also possible through REST API.

Flexibility is your key to increase productivity

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling handles all kind of workflows from scientific simulations to IT processes and data mining, with solutions for many different use cases.

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