What does grid computing mean?

Grid computing represents a computer network where each computer’s resources are shared with other computers in the system. This solution allows coordinating computer resources on different networks. The concept of grid computing is to share load across multiple computers to complete tasks more efficiently and quickly. Every authorized computer in the grid would have access to enormous processing power and storage capacity.

How does grid computing work?

As modern scientific and engineering problems grow in complexity, the computation time and memory requirement increase, and distributed and grid computing becomes a necessity. ProActive integrates with de-facto standards in scientific and engineering environments such as Matlab, Scilab, R. Directly from within these familiar environments, it provides users with the capacity to parallelize and distribute executions and manage data transfers on other Desktop machines, Clusters, Grids and Clouds.

Our solution to manage your resources in grids

Activeeon offers grid computing solutions that will help you to manage all your data processes in grids. Learn more about ProActive Workflows & Scheduling and ProActive Parallel Scientific Toolbox for Matlab, Scilab and R. Thanks to our solutions you will be able to execute and manage data transfers on other Desktop machines, Clusters, Grids and Clouds.

Reduce Costs thanks to resources federation

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling allows you to federate your existing resources (clusters, native batch-schedulers, desktop machines and virtualized infrastructures) and add on-demand extra resources from external environments such as clouds. Resources coming from multiple origins are unified as ProActive Nodes and can be accessed transparently: Desktop machines (Windows, Linux, MacOS X), all kind of stand-alone server machines, cluster nodes managed by common batch-schedulers (Slurm, LSF, SGE) and private or public Clouds resources (OpenStack, CloudStack, VMWare, Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, etc.).

Control the resources acquisition behavior according to various policies such as Load based or Time based. With smart policy-driven decisions, control task placement, workload capacity (planning and elasticity) and energy saving strategies.

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling offers monitoring capabilities for your resources and your applications to collect and track the metrics on which you base your triggers.

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