Workflows and job scheduling
ProActive Workflows and Job Scheduling

Workflows & Scheduling

Automate IT. Reduce execution time and infrastructure costs.

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling allows you to easily execute all your company jobs and business applications, monitor activity and quickly access job results. Allowing your IT to scale up and down according to your actual workload, it will ensure the optimal match between disponibilty and cost. It ensures more work done with fewer resources, managing heterogeneous platforms and multiple sites with advanced usage policies. Thanks to its flexibility, ProActive Workflows & Scheduling will help you for any expansion, federation and integration project.

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IT Automation

With ActiveEon Workflows, handle all kinds of workload automation from scientific simulations to IT Processes and Data Analysis, in all languages and scripts.

Simple and Flexible

Intuitive web interfaces are provided to design and execute your job workflows, and manage your resources. A powerful API (REST and Java) allows easy integration within your solution.

Resource Management

Federate your existing resources (clusters, virtualized infrastructures, desktop machines), add extra resources from clouds. Reduce costs with energy saving strategies and elasticity.

Use Cases

Languages, Connectors and Integrations

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling comes with a large variety of Connectors, Language Support, and specific Integration, for instance:
Java, Python, Javascript, Groovy, Powershell, Perl, Control-M, Dollar Universe, SLURM, PBS, LSF, SGE/OGE, Matlab, Scilab, Language R, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, VMware, Docker, Talend, SAS, Hibernate, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, MariaDB.

Technical information

Customer Case in Fintech: Digital Transformation, Migration to Azure and Solvency II simulations for Legal & General

Insurance Fintech legal and general case study

Legal & General, a leading multinational finance and insurance company, has transformed its on-premise financial algorithms and Solvency II simulations, migrating them towards a distributed solution from Activeeon - ProActive Workflows & Scheduling - and Microsoft Azure cloud.

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