Job Scheduler, Workload Automation, Orchestration, Metascheduling

proactive workflows and scheduling user interface

Workflows & Scheduling

This workload automation Scheduler distributes applications to accelerate their execution, and features a powerful workflow orchestrator and a resource manager. Workflows & Scheduling allows you to easily define, distribute and execute all company jobs and business applications, monitor activity and view jobs results on all types of infrastructure. Learn more...>

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proactive big data analytics orchestrator

Big Data Automation

Big Data Automation is the perfect tool for orchestration and acceleration of all Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning frameworks (Hadoop, R, Spark, Kafka, Spotfire, SAS, Anaconda, Greenplum...) on-premises and all clouds. It enables you to distribute all analytics and manage data transfers on desktop, clusters, computing grid and cloud. Learn more...>

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proactive cloud automation services dashboard

Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation automates the deployment of complex and multi-VM applications and services, handling with high availability all hybrid Clouds, VMware, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc. Cloud Automation helps you create your own catalog of Services to orchestrate all your cloud-based operations, and make it available on-demand. Learn more...>

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Customer Use Cases

Activeeon solutions are used in all Big Compute challenges: finance, risk management and regulatory compliance treatments, technical computing, industrial simulations, big data analytics orchestration, AI and Machine Learning, predictive analysis, IoT, Factory of the Future and in everyday IT Workload Automation and execution planning.

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