What is workload automation?

Workload automation allows you to simplify your cross-platform workload scheduling and management, and in consequence, to lower costs of your business. Automate your routine tasks, prevent production errors by validating schedules and increase productivity by choosing more efficient resource management. Today, this solution becomes critical as IT and applications’ processing has expanded. Activeeon will help you to give a new speed to your workflows and delivery of business services. Workload automation will let you increase productivity through more efficient resource management. We will provide you with one, easy to use interface to schedule and monitor complex business processes. You will be able to change your workload schedules in a real time.

Workload Automation: Flexibility is your key to increase productivity.

Activeeon handles all kind of workload automation from scientific simulations to IT processes and data processing. With ProActive Workflows & Scheduling, you can automate a large panel of tasks: Native processes, Java applications, Shell Scripts, Javascripts, and any JSR223-compatible script engine. Distribute them easily and focus on your business!

ProActive Workflows & Scheduling can achieve productivity improvement for many different use cases, from CFD simulations with MPI based apps, to IT automation reusing a mix of native executables and custom made tasks.

Your recurring tasks can be easily planned. Be notified by email once the job is done.

Workload automation in overview

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve customer experience
  • Simplify workload scheduling
  • Make management of workloads easier
  • Lower costs of your business