Monitor, Govern and Industrialize Processes

Scale with a production capable system

Control all processes

Monitor, govern and industrialize the processes running in development and production. With built-in portals or through the comprehensive Rest API, analyze and control running and future processes.

Single point of control

With digitization, business line users are empowered to automate. To ease the process of maintaining and controlling those created workflows, Activeeon ProActive is a scheduler and orchestrator that can scale and which provide you a standardized view of all running workloads.

Single point of control with comprehensive dashboard
Error management system

Control errors

Activeeon ProActive includes a powerful error management system accessible to any user. The system automatically tries to recover tasks in errors, highlight issues and alert operators when necessary.

Manage resources smartly

As the number of users and workloads increases, the variability of consumption will also increase and wastes will need to be managed. With Activeeon ProActive, Smart policies can be setup to fetch new resources in any cloud based on the overall load waiting to be processed.

Manage all resources from a single point
Gather logs in a single place

Gather logs

To ease the maintenance and analysis of workflows, Activeeon ProActive is automatically fetching the logs and display them within the scheduler interface.