Big Compute by Activeeon & Microsoft Azure

Leverage big compute for research and education

Webinar - 2018

In the fields of research and education, supercomputing is becoming increasingly important. The Big Compute is now required for various scientific calculations such as simulations, parallel processing, machine learning, biotech research and many other areas.

On the other hand, the cost of cluster maintenance as well as the lack of human and skilled resources reinforces the need for alternative solutions. In addition, calculations increasingly require a variety of infrastructure and an agile approach. In this dynamic, public clouds then offer a solution for cloud bursting and access to a variety of products.

This webinar presents with examples and case studies how teams of scientists have managed to take advantage of the cloud and the technological and human support that was necessary in this transition.

Schema of the Activeeon platform in interaction with the Cloud Azure

Activeeon offers its customers numerous services in terms of installation, consulting, support in the transition to the cloud but also in the optimization of resource consumption. In particular, with its integrated solution that includes fine-grained resource management, Activeeon is able to deploy new computing resources following a strong demand of scheduling from the business. This allows scientists to obtain resources on demand without having to worry about access and IT policies to implement.

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