IT Workload Automation for hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Increase automation adoption within your IT, reduce errors during execution, scale performance & keep control

  • Automate and control job execution at scale
  • Increase user adoption with an open and user friendly solution
  • Embrace hybrid and multi-cloud strategies
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Integrate everywhere your job scheduling needs

User friendly workflow studio

workflow studio for any user

Keep control

dashboard to controle processes

On any environment

resource abstraction for any environment

IT Workload Automation

With the growing need of IT solutions from the business, it is critical to offer tools that enable automation while integrating with any data sources and applications.

Activeeon offers an open source solution with a wide range of features to support workload automation and job scheduling at scale. This includes migrating data, synchronizing processes, optimizing resource utilization, etc.

Finally, selecting the right workflow engine is critical to become more agile and embrace the cloud opportunity for your business.

Build a strong base for growth

Immediate benefits of automation through workflows

  • Reduce errors with automated process
  • Map processes and better understand dependencies between tasks within your organization through scheduler and workflow studio
  • Improve time to result or time to access some information
  • Build a solid base of processes to support business changes, adapt to market trends and focus on innovation
  • Optimize resource utilization through tight integration between the resource manager and the scheduler

Integrate anywhere

A key asset for a workload automation solution and scheduling tool is the ability to integrate within any environment and connect to all resources to break silos.

  • Open solution accessible through Rest API, CLI, and UI
  • Connectors to most common data sources MySQL, Postgresql, S3, etc.
  • Integrate with existing data sources such as ERP, BPM, BI, etc.
  • Setup event-based scheduling and triggers to react to any external event
  • Openness and open source, fully integrate with existing processes through a comprehensive Rest API
Integrate everywhere your job scheduling needs

Keep control over your automation

Keep Control over your Automation

  • Manage end to end processes with an automated workflow management
  • Centralize data, trends and forecast through dashboard
  • Audit with logs to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Automate retry on error
  • Alert on error
  • Monitor execution and resource utilization
  • Workflow versioning through catalog
  • Control auto-scaling based on the scheduler queue

Improve user adoption

  • User friendly interfaces to increase user adoption: multi-language, graphical, SDK
  • Simplified controls to distribute workload at scale, manage errors, etc.
  • Scalable, with dynamic resource pool
  • Setup recurring jobs and workloads with a granular and rich planner
Workload automation for everyone

Workload Automation & Job Scheduling Use Cases

Icon analytics

Schedule your analytics every hour, every day or on any other timetable to deliver regular reports.

In IoT, execute predictive maintenance workloads every hour to identify fixes. In finance, execute asset estimation algorithms 3 times a day to better react to market change.

Distribute the workload across multiple environments to maximize output and scale in the cloud automatically.

Icon sync

Schedule your data preprocessing on a regular basis.

With cron expression fetch files on a remote server, aggregate database sources, enrich information, pilot ETL tasks, etc.

Icon red light

Manage your resources with a smart queue system for your jobs.

Prioritize jobs to ensure high priority jobs and tasks are executed first. Ensure that you are working with an optimized resource pool and control your expenses.

Icon scale

Forecast workload requirements across the enterprise through a single enterprise wide view.

Enable admins to plan workloads and jobs for specific events such as marketing promotions which may impact the overall IT system.

Access meta-data through Rest API with an open source solution

Testimonials about Activeeon

“Thanks to ProActive and additional optimizations we made along the way with Azure, the batch time which previously was taking us 18 hours, is now down to 5 hours, and by the end of the year, my hope and expectation is to go definitely below 4 hours and possibly less by having more grid hosts and more capacity.”

Guido Imperiale
Lead integration engineer at Legal and General

logo Capgemini, consulting company

“Activeeon is the only solution capable to Schedule any Big Data Analytics, mono-threaded, multi-threaded, multi-core, parallel and distributed.”

CapGemini Lead Engineer for Home Office

logo INRA, biotech company

“The ProActive product perfectly integrates into a hybrid multi-platform architecture. The usage of ProActive allowed us to have a trivialized approach to our processing infrastructure which includes Linux and Windows computers and GPU. This product helped us reduce operational costs by 10.”

Nicolas Pons
Head of InfoBioStat platform at MetaGenoPolis (INRA)