Resource Provisioning and Scalability

Scale your workload and provision new resources at a press of a button

Dynamic resource provisioning and auto-scaling

Manually provisioning cloud resources is time-consuming, error-prone, and does not easily adapt to changing workloads. For consistent and repeatable deployments, we help you define Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate resource provisioning. Then, the auto-scaling capacity of our solution will automatically add or remove resources as needed, optimizing costs and performance.

To create a powerful shared intensive compute environment, ActiveEon enables users to spin up on demand high-performance clusters quickly and efficiently using containers or VM technology.

The request for new compute resources could be initiated from a simple web interface or from your enterprise ITSM solutions.

For the users or departments who have the right to do so, ActiveEon also provides a technical solution to those short-term peaks. It enables the dynamic spin up of additional instances when workloads have critical time constraint. At the end of the process, the solution will automatically spin down the instance to protect your cloud budget.

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Dynamic Workload Scalability

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Easy Provisioning

Scale your workload with Easy Provisioning, where users can spin up new resources at a press of a button.

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Easy Scaling

With dynamic bursting, the solution will automatically spin new compute resources so that time-constraint workloads can be executed on time.

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High-Performance Cloud Clusters

When end-users launch workloads on multiple applications, ActiveEon will automatically provision and combine your cloud instances to make them work together.

We unify cloud VMs and use them as virtual supercomputers

To resolve complex computational problems and manage intricate tasks priorities, end users can launch a unique workflow, select the cloud provider and ActiveEon will automatically spin new VM if needed and use them to process fast workload requirements.

In addition to parallel computing on all cores available, the orchestrator monitors vCPU health at all times and automatically relaunches failed tasks when a vCPU disappears.

The orchestrator also manages complex task priorities, such as running a task before another one or when a task requires a specific vCPU with many cores.

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