Parallel computing in Matlab

Solve computationally intensive and data-intensive problems

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Apr 11, 2018 from Activeeon

Parallel computing in Matlab

Parallel Matlab, a scientific and engineering environment helps you take advantage of accelerated scientific, technical and statistical computing. ProActive Distributed Matlab by Activeeon will help you run your computations faster and optimize your license costs.

Perform scientific computations faster with Parallel Matlab

ProActive Distributed Matlab seamlessly distributes your Matlab models and programs from your interactive Matlab environment to various resources such as your colleagues’ desktop machines, company servers, clusters, Grids including other company sites, and private or Hybrid Clouds. Matlab sources, your current interactive environment, input files, parameters and results are transparently transferred over the network to the target machines. All your tasks will be calculated immediately.

Compared to Mathworks Parallel Computing Toolbox™ and Distributed Computing Server™, ProActive Distributed Matlab is more flexible, and can deploy on heterogeneous infrastructures (combined Windows, Linux and Mac Desktops, Cloud Virtual Machines) and can even optimize the usage of Matlab Software Licences with the ProActive Licence Saver and its FlexLM integration.

ProActive Distributed Matlab comes as a standard Matlab Toolbox, which connects to ProActive Workflows & Scheduling.

Try our solutions for Parallel Matlab and enjoy 10 days of free support

Get a free 10-days access to our ProActive Cloud platform and try Parallel Matlab environment. You will get your web access and a possibility to deploy your Parallel Matlab yourself. Our team of experts in the domain of Workflows & Scheduling, Cloud Automation and Distributed Matlab, Scilab, R will guide you during a 10 days period. Discover our Documentation and tutorials at your disposal. Take part in our personal webinar to understand better the structure and functioning of Matlab Parallel scientific and engineering environment.

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