[Release] 8.4.0 (EarthBound) is out and available

Some of the features included in this release :

Job Planner in Automation Dashboard:

  • Gantt chart for Job Planning: interactive view with job history, executing and future Jobs, Errors, etc.
  • Activate and Deactivate the execution planning of a specific Workflow, or of a whole Calendar

ProActive Job Planner: schedule your jobs and visualize their execution with Gantt view


  • Custom Workflow visualization now available at execution on the dynamic view
  • login with credentials
  • Palettes layout control added


  • Improved Docker support with Docker File, together with Docker Compose
  • Drastic speed-up of Scheduler startup Scheduler Portal using lazy loading
  • Rerun a Finished, Paused, In-Error Job from the beginning
  • Support for Job Parent Id, see Job filiation in Scheduler Portal
  • Extended scheduling license policy to Jobs (not only Tasks)

Scheduling API:

  • Get all jobs information you need with GraphQL: Duration, Submit & Start time, Pending time, Cumulated Task Exec Time, Incidents, Version, etc.

Resource Manager:

  • Get Host or Node Thread Dump directly from the RM portal
  • Infrastructure as Code with Json Node Sources (Azure VMs, Azure Scale Sets, Azure Kubernetes, AWS VMs, Local & Dynamic)
  • Windows Agent: control number of agent per time-slot of the day


  • Support for Oracle DataBase 12c
  • Support for connection pooling to any external SQL database across multiple task executions

Catalog & Report Generation:

  • Keep track of who designed and publish a Workflow
  • ONNX support added for Deep Learning workflows
  • New Risk Valuation Workflows for Finance
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Published on January 29, 2019