Benchmark at 20,000 CPU cores on Azure

SLOs and results from the benchmarks


Together with Activeeon Orchestrator, it took only 15 mn to trigger and acquire 20k Azure Cores and to schedule 20k Tasks. Reactivity is equally impressive, with 99% of requests having less than 90ms responsetime.

On 20K Cores, with 19K running Tasks, it takes only 5 seconds. to detect a software failure and redeploy the Task on another Core. Again, with 19K running tasks, it takes only 30.8 seconds. to submit and execute a Job with 10 Tasks of each 30 seconds., achieving 97.4% efficiency of optimal job duration.

responsivity of elasticity and scalability on Azure with Activeeon ProActive

Download the full report below to know the test details and our SLOs.

Download the full report

Includes SLOs, response time, scheduling time, etc.